The profound meaning of DC

The latest thing to arrive through my letterbox from Screen Select is Dawson’s Creek series 5. They have really slowed down by the way. They seem to take more time to dispatch and Royal Mail seems to take more time to deliver. But that is a different story.

I got watching the first disk. Disk 2 arrived two days ago but disk one only got here today so I thought I would stick the first episode one. End result is by 2 pm I had watched the entire first disk.

It really got to me. I think I had an anxiety attack at first as everything had changed. DC was always a safe insular place for me in Capeside but now everyone is off in different places. Well it’s not that bad, at the moment everyone is in Boston which reassures me a little.

It really got me thinking though. I’ve spent the last 40 minutes, an hour starring out of random windows and walking around. I’m trying to get some revision done but I just keep starring at the page of the book thinking about DC. Dawson is at a crossroads in his life and I think I am at the same point in my own.

Which is what scares me. The series, right from the opening doesn’t seem to be about Dawson and his creek anymore. It’s about Joey and as Dawson put it "this city of yours." It’s almost become a show titled Joey’s Boston. I don’t want that I want the story to be about Dawson and for him to get his happy ending. Because I want my story to be about me and my happy ending.

I’ve always considered Dawson to be my counterpart in the world of fiction. As I think I have explained before we are quite a like. Except obviously he has this perfect life in a beautiful creek and I have, well, Leeds, and currently a life that sucks). So what seems to be a downturn in his fortune has a knock on effect for me.

Dawson has always known what to do. He was going to be a film maker. I know what I am going to do. I took comfort in that. But for the first time I feel that he doesn’t know what to do. Or that he is making the wrong choice. What if I am doing the same?



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