The metric system

It boggles the mind that people still use imperial measurements.

They just don’t make any sense in a decimal number system (which is the number system we all use – based around tens). I mean what is it? You have an inch, and there are 12 of those in a foot, and there are three of those in a yard and there are 1760 of those in a mile? Nobody can make an argument for that being a better system of measurement!

But if you ask people how tall they are, or how much they weigh, you often get an imperial measurement back. Or a slap if you’ve just asked a fat girl. But mostly an imperial measurement. Once you make the leap, you realise how silly it was, but we’re never going to win hearts and minds by lambasting people; we need a positive approach.

So here are five great reasons to make an effort to use the metric system…

1. Your penis is longer. Why settled for a six inch penis when you can have a 15 centimetre one?

2. Why have a pint of beer, when you can have a litre?

3. Using the metric system annoys the Bible Belt who believe it is a Communist plot.

4. You can drive at over 100 kmph legally, you can’t do that in mph without risking instant disqualification.

5. Even drug dealers have started to use the metric system now. How will you know if you’re getting a good price if you don’t know what 50 grams are?



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