Thai Edge

On Friday, we headed over to Thai Edge for Sarah’s leaving do.

Due to last minute technical difficulties at work we ended up being late to sit down to eat which had the unfortunate consequence that by the time the mains were ready, Warren had to jump on a train back to Scarborough – so we had to ask for them to do his as take out!

The meal at Thai Edge was alright. The food was very nice but I have heard amazing things about Thai Edge and to be honest, it didn’t live up to it’s representation; it was a similar standard to what you would expect from a city centre restaurant, not that, that in itself is a bad thing, but it was nothing special either.

Afterward we had a few drinks in Cuthbert Brodrick (minus Simundo and Imran, or “the boring twins” if you will, who headed home despite both their other halves not being around) before Sarah tried to spoil everyone’s fun by dragging Jason home. Never the less we persevered on, heading to Neon Cactus for a few before heading home.



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