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The Sun is back

Saturday, March 31st, 2012 | Life

Hey, anyone else remember the Sun? You know, the big glowing thing in the sky.

It’s back and we’ve been cashing in. I spent Saturday with Norm, George, Oli and Raby on Millenium Square, soaking in the rays (and in everyone else’s case, soaking in equal amounts of beer). That has been followed up with a lunch in The Box’s beer garden and two lunches in The Oak’s beer garden this week. It’s a hard life.

Lachlan’s bday bash

Thursday, October 1st, 2009 | Friends

Today was Lachlan’s birthday so the obvious solution was for everyone to sleighly leave the office, don fancy dress hats and accessories and then go back in singing “happy birthday.” I say obvious, it was certainly successful. This was followed by us heading over to The Box for a few drinks or two at 4:30. 5 hours later and we were all still there.

Given it was Nathan’s first day, we came very closing to telling him that every Thursday was Fancy Dress Thursday but as amusing as that would have been, we decided it was just a little too unfair in the end. Aren’t we nice people 😉 .

Birthday cake Lachlan and Chris The team

So long, farewell

Thursday, July 23rd, 2009 | Friends

On Tuesday night we said goodbye to Aidan at BuzzBet. As such we headed down to The Box for a few drinks before heading over to The Original Oak for some food. Going for something a little different I went for the ultimate chicken burger which I can highly recommend.

While I’ve only been at BuzzBet a month, it will be sad to see Aidan go as he was always a good laugh in the office. No doubt our paths will cross ways in the future though.

Chris Lachlan and Vince Mike, Matt, Paul and Holly


Saturday, July 11th, 2009 | Life

There only being a few of us by 6pm we headed over to The Box for a few drinks. It made for interesting conversations with Rob being the boss, Lachlan leading the PHP development and Matt leading the Flex development as well as discussions of a global nature with Rob being Irish and Lachlan being Australian.

I really enjoyed by time at Open Door but I really do appreciate the geek that Buzz has – especially when you’re boss comes to work in a Squeezebox t-shirt.