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Dock 29 breakfast delivery

Tuesday, February 9th, 2016 | Thoughts


Dock 29 is a bar at Leeds Dock. They recently ran a competition where they gave away 29 sets of breakfasts at no cost to people working at the Sky office. It was a competition that most people won. I felt a bit bad for the select few who didn’t.

It was very nice of them, and a good way to promote their breakfast delivery service.

I am dubious about their business model however. The sandwiches are £4.50 each. For this you get your choice of sauce, bacon or egg, which s a vegetable topping and a sauce. Or you can have the whole lot for £7.50. Ideally I think the system would be more flexible.

£4.50 for a bacon sandwich is a lot of money. Even in Harrogate I Was paying significantly less than that. That might be okay if it was an especially large and tasty sandwich, but the one I had was neither of those.

The other problem is that you have to order a minimum of five items. That means convincing four friends that they also want to spend £4.50, putting a minimum spend of £22.50 for breakfast. Not only is that a lot of money, but that is a lot of effort. You have to self-organise into teams of five to get your sandwich and you have to do all of this by a deadline of 9:30am.

Why I would do this when I could simply pop in to Greg’s on the way to work and save myself significant time/hassle and money seems a bit of a mystery to me.

Waffle sandwich

Saturday, November 29th, 2014 | Photos


You’re never too old to run out of bread.