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Freakonomics Radio

Thursday, July 21st, 2016 | Reviews


Freakonomics: A Rogue Economist Explores the Hidden Side of Everything is a brilliant book by Steven Levitt and Stephen J. Dubner. I won’t dwell too much on the book here, but following its success, Dubner began to produce a radio show called Freakonomics Radio that looked at the hidden side of other things.

I subscribed to the podcast using the Podcast feature of my iOS device. It’s the first time I have used it and so far it is okay. You just add the podcast and it queues up new episodes, and you can also go back through the archives and queue up old episodes. However, it does not seem to download the episodes, or has some performance issues. There is normally a few seconds delay between me clicking play and it starting.

Freakonomics Radio on the over hand, is very good.

The first episode I listened to was on “why are there so many mattress stores in America?”. Other episodes have taken on a diverse range of topics including science, food, self-improvement, economics (obviously) and interviews.

You can find the show at

That Mitchell & Webb Sound series 1

Friday, November 30th, 2012 | Distractions

From time to time, I want to quickly find my favourite That Mitchell & Webb Sound sketch, but there doesn’t seem to be an index of them. So, I’ve done one, for series one at least.

Episode 1

Time Sketch
00:24 Bit of ham on your face
02:33 Sex scenes with people yelling “now we know!”
05:12 Radio 4 “Sciencey stuff”
08:30 Grand piano busker
09:12 Wedding vows
11:11 Bookshop in someone’s house
12:39 Pit ponies
14:27 Ross Kemp as Gandi
14:50 Hairdressers Sans Frontières
16:45 Snooker commentators
18:15 Advert for “The Word Master”
19:00 Touching Cloth dry cleaning business
22:11 Guy who has a band
24:12 Party invites: Scooby Gang

Episode 2

Time Sketch
00:24 The Ring dinner party conversation
02:29 Imagine That: baked potato
05:21 Flightless birds on an island (dodos)
07:35 Radio Switzerland
09:37 Hospital announcement: fire
10:02 Jason: Make Over City (shopping for socks and a bag)
12:02 Snooker commentators: nutty earnest, gold fish
12:57 Blokes doing Sex and the City
15:28 Hospital announcement: Bomb
15:50 Introduction to voodoo
17:34 Nice man: park bench
19:18 Bad writers: medical drama
21:14 Break up advice (planting the crack)
23:29 Hospital announcement: dead woman in toilets
23:39 Party invites: Bond

Episode 3

Time Sketch
00:24 Heaven is only for the Amish
02:42 Big Talk: Aids pandemic
04:27 Castrati (Sopranos parody)
05:51 Jason: Sell that house to them
08:50 Call centre staffed by children
10:50 Rabbit news night
11:40 Ignore charity appeals, and buy stuff
12:38 Charge of the Light Brigade reading
13:35 Welcome to Hufflepuff
15:59 Environment – how much stuff can we keep?
19:00 Kipling reading, “If”
19:45 Jungle book, Mowgli’s parent’s night
21:37 Nick Hornby parody
22:29 Queen Victoria radio address
23:23 Party invites: Hitler

Episode 4

Time Sketch
00:24 Nature Notes: bird song
03:02 Direct credit pensions
04:09 Spy who works at vehicle licensing centre in Swansea
05:39 Road rescue helpline for broken down car
06:53 Downloaded the whole internet
09:24 Snooker commentator: drinking during inteval
10:39 No hot water in a hotel
11:27 Jason: Crap in the loft
14:30 Golden anniversary island
15:00 Lessons from 18th century France
17:50 Sold your novel
18:38 Big Talk: is there a god?
20:06 Nice doctor
21:26 Fishing for cats
23:53 Returning jeans because she is too fat
25:36 Party invites: Ghandi

Episode 5

Time Sketch
00:24 Increase in MPs salaries
02:16 The Late One: reads letter, sings Gold Finger
04:00 Drinks: chat up beer, pity beer
06:19 Total pants rap song
07:39 Exciting Adventures of Sir Digby Casear Salad
09:42 Snooker commentators: Lager is more fizzy
10:46 Tram crash safety campaign
12:37 The Late One: Domestic violence
14:26 Correspondance golf
17:15 Life insurance for old people
18:47 Writers: spy drama
20:35 What do you really think? (Minister’s interview)
21:29 The Late One: Lonely, Hilter
23:00 Global warming, cold in my flat
24:00 Party invites: Darth Vader

Episode 6

Time Sketch
00:24 Shooting take away pizza menu deliverers, Stalin, Hilter
03:12 We meet years ago, I’ve written you a song
05:03 Porn on 4: Radio 4 review show
06:17 Drama about how horrible war is
08:22 Jason: Where it is, where it is, where it is
11:31 Fisherman catching all the fish
12:04 Snooker commentators: Shandy
13:23 Splitting a restaurant bill
14:30 Posh actor footballers
16:01 Ignore BBC3
16:19 Harold Wilson impersonator
16:41 Phone call from Mike’s mugger
18:54 Can’t remember the word “horse”
20:19 57% of people say interest rates have gone up
21:29 Red flags in front of cars
21:51 Birthday party at a strip club (the crack)
23:18 Round table: I could have written your book
23:37 Party invites: Oscar Wilde

That Mitchell & Webb Sound

Tuesday, November 27th, 2012 | Distractions

Peep Show is a brilliant show. That Mitchell & Webb look is a great sketch show too. But in my opinion, the best work they have ever done, isn’t any of the material they are famous for.

For me, the best work they have ever done is actually their Radio 4 series – That Mitchell & Webb Sound. It must have been popular (for Radio 4 at least) as it ran for four series, and each one of them was brilliant.

Highly recommended.

I’m Sorry I Haven’t A Clue

Saturday, December 4th, 2010 | Distractions

Last week I was lucky enough to have tickets to a recording of the Radio 4 comedy programme I’m Sorry I Haven’t A Clue taking place at Leeds Town Hall.

It was well attended, mostly by your classic demographic of Radio 4 listeners, making me feel very young indeed. What really struck me though was the access to the range of good comedians you got – all at once. The panel consisted of long time ISIHAC guests Tim Brooke-Taylor, Graeme Garden and Barry Cryer along with Phil Jupitus and Jack Dee – not a bad line-up for the relatively cheap ticket price!

Of course the two highlights of the evening were seeing the lovely Samantha in person whose descriptions really don’t do her justice, and finally learning how Mornington Crescent actually works – it’s all so obvious when you see it!

There is officially no god

Thursday, September 2nd, 2010 | Life, Religion & Politics

As you probably know, atheists are currently celebrating Stephen Hawking announcing there is officially no god.

I was on BBC Radio Leeds talking about it earlier. It went pretty badly, to be honest, I could have spoken a lot better and we ended up discussing what evidence I would require to believe in god rather than talking about Hawking’s new book. Never the less it’s always an experience and it’s great to get a mixture of view points on the show which BBC Leeds are always really good at.

You can listen again for seven days on the BBC website, it’s about 38 minutes in.

I wish I had a name like Joe Power

Friday, August 6th, 2010 | Science

Less than 24 hours after I was in the BBC Radio Leeds studio talking about UFOs I was asked to make a return the airwaves this time to talk about psychics.

I was actually surprised as I didn’t feel my previous interview went that well though this one went much better, I think because I was actually invited on to properly rubbish the claims rather than just add a one line counter voice to the Exopolitics conference.

The item was surrounding the recent news that Joe Power – the man who sees dead people – has had his show pulled from the Edinburgh Fringe because it’s rubbish. Watch him totally miss on Derren Brown Investigates in this clip.

All in a Humanists’ Day’s Work

Sunday, April 4th, 2010 | Life

It’s been a long day, already.

I started at 6am this morning because I was being interviewed live on BBC Radio Leeds at 7:15 regarding the Humanist Community of Leeds event taking place later that day.

As usual Richard Staples made me feel most welcome in the studio – I say as usual as it was only a few weeks ago I was talking about the Catholic Care adoption agency as some of you may have heard. If you want to, you can listen again to today’s show for the next week (it’s an hour and fifteen in).

Then the rest of the morning and indeed a large part of the afternoon was filled up with the event itself which went very – we had quite a few “first-timers” come down. Indeed given we were expecting quite a low turn out with it being Easter Sunday we were quite surprised so many people turned up!

As if that wasn’t enough I’ve then spent the afternoon coding, catching up on my blogging and later I’m going out to be interviewed for a documentary on volunteer work in Leeds. Not exactly the leisurely Sunday I could have done with but an exciting one none the less!