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Wednesday, October 3rd, 2012 | Reviews

I needed to get some prints done for my photography course, but this being 2012 and all, obviously I have a digital camera and store all my photos digitally. So I headed onto the internet to find someone who would print them for me.

I ended up going with Photobox, who tempted me in with their free prints offer and then insisted I was an existing customer and so I wasn’t entitled to it. Apparently, I had already signed up with them, so I guess that is fair enough.

It was a bit of an ordeal to upload my photos as their Java applet kept crashing, but I eventually uploaded them by FTP (they do at least have a great array of upload methods) and sent them to print – except for one, that they insisted was too small to print.

It was around £5 for 26 photos, including delivery I think and the print quality is as you would expect. They also came in a very nice plastic wallet. They also arrived in around 36 hours – I ordered them on Tuesday night, and they arrived Thursday morning.

Will use them again next time I need some prints.