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It’s cold up north

Wednesday, November 6th, 2013 | Photos

Jacksonville is in Florida, so their cheerleaders probably aren’t used to British temperatures. Indeed, they had to put coats on half way through.


NFL at Wembley

Tuesday, November 5th, 2013 | Events

At the end of October we went down to Wembley to watch the San Francisco 49ers at the Jacksonville Jaguars.

It was quite worried before going in that the stadium would be so huge I would find it intimidating, but it was actually okay – I found it a lot better than the MEN, despite it holding four or five times as many people. The hot dogs were pretty good. The queues to get into the stadium were annoying.

The game ended 42-10, which was always going to happen given Jacksonville has lost all 8 games this season, and the 49ers went to the Super Bowl last year. It would have been nice if the game had been a little closer, but far more enjoyable than spending all that money to see San Francisco lose.

It moves quite slowly on TV, with them constantly stopping and starting. But that wasn’t the case in the stadium. Between every play there were a band, the cheerleaders doing a dance, scoring from NFL Red Zone or other distractions to keep you entertained. In fact, before I knew what was happening, the game was over!

Here are some photos, albeit taken on my phone:

IMG_0717 IMG_0718 IMG_0725 IMG_0731

The Jaguars ran onto the field with flags twice. This is from the second time; the first time they spelt it “JAGAURS”.


Also a panorama, click for full size: