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Remington D8700 PROtect review

Thursday, April 28th, 2016 | Reviews

I am sad to report that after ten years of faithful service, my Carmen hair dryer has given up. I have replaced it with the Remington D8700 PROtect. It was recommended by Which Magazine as their best buy. As my Carmen is the only other dryer I can remember using, I will be spending most of this post comparing the two.

It is bulky. Here is a picture of it, comparing it to my old one, and with a compact hair dryer thrown in for scale.


Not only is it bulkier, it also noticeably heavier. The Carmen was really light. In comparison, this feels weightier when you pick it up. Then there are the buttons. The Carmen had sliders, whereas the Remington has rocker switches.


These are easy to knock when passing it from hand to hand, and making holding it more difficult.

Once you get past these issues, it dries well. It dried my hair as fast as the Carmen and comes with the same heat and speed options.

Essentials Hair Studio, Camblesforth

Sunday, November 22nd, 2015 | Reviews

For our wedding we booked Essentials Hair Studio in Camblesforth to come to the venue and do Elina and my mother’s hair. It did not go well. They turned up over an hour late. Not really the start you need to the day.

I received no phone call from them to say they were stuck in traffic. They said they tried to ring the hotel but nobody answered. That is plausible, but does not excuse not ringing me. When we quizzed them on what had happened, one told my father they had been waiting outside the shop for half an hour, the other said they were inside dealing with customers. You would think the time spent sat in traffic would give them time to get their story straight.

Exactly how much traffic you can get stuck in in 11 miles of country lanes, on a Saturday morning, is a whole different debate.

The first time they did Elina’s hair, they had to re-do it because it was incorrect. We know because we have a photo record of it. So did they, so you wonder why they did not use this to begin with. Elina was not happy with it the second time either, but it was close enough and we were late for the ceremony, so it had to do.

We have filed a letter of complaint but have not received any reply.

EDIT: Since posting this, they have refunded us £20.