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Call Lane Social

Saturday, September 24th, 2011 | Life, Reviews

Having filled up on steak we decided to wander over to Oracle on the south bank for some drinks. Unfortunately, Oracle was already closed by 11pm, which is a pretty poor effort.

So instead we headed up to Call Lane and ended up in Call Lane Social.

I saw ended up, of the ten people that came out for the meal, only four of us ended up in there – myself, Norm, Jonni and Tom. After the first round, Jonni and Tom disappeared too, meaning that of the ten people left at the end of the night were the only two people in the entire group that actually have 9 to 5 jobs! But the important thing is, we showed those kids how it’s done :D.

Call Lane Social was pretty disappointing, their drinks range was OK, but nothing to shout about and service took absolutely ages and it wasn’t even that busy.

Norm’s birthday Wendy

Wednesday, September 21st, 2011 | Friends, Life

I’m very dubious about this idea that every Wendy has to be adopted as part of people doubling up on their birthday celebrations with something on the actual day and then a Wendy as well – especially as I’m bitter about not being able to do this with Viv’s birthday being on what would have been my birthday Wendy and Halloween the weekend after.

Never the less, September Wendy was a fantastic night with the usual drinks starting at our apartment, followed by a bit of time in the Old Bar before heading in.

I actually felt somewhat guilty in the morning because I woke up feeling fine. Though any chance of that being a problem was quickly solved when we held the post-Wendy fry up the next day, once again cooked primarily by yours truly – and also included Yorkshire Puddings!

Unfortunately, my camera died soon after we got to The Old Bar, so I have a distinct lack of photos, so the ones from inside of Wendy were snapped by Norm.

August Wendy House

Tuesday, September 6th, 2011 | Friends, Life

As part of Jonni’s never ending birthday celebration, we forwent our usual Wendy pre-party this month for drinks elsewhere, before heading up to the union. Not the best Wendy ever, but still good.

Golf Bar

Saturday, August 27th, 2011 | Distractions

A few weeks ago, we dropped into the Golf Bar down by the train station.

While it seemed a nice enough place, with an outside area overlooking the river, the staff seemed somewhat shocked when we actually turned up and tried to order a drink. I always thought that was kind of the point when running a bar business, but maybe I’ve misunderstood.

Joint Leeds Bradford social

Thursday, August 11th, 2011 | Humanism

Recently, Bradford Atheists headed over to Leeds to join us at Nation of Shopkeepers.


Saturday, August 6th, 2011 | Food, Reviews

Last week, we headed over to Trio for a bit of a work social. Despite making it clear that partners were invited, but not welcome, it somehow quickly turned into a bit of a couples-fest and as a possible first for Buzz, actually ended up with an equal gender balance.

The drinks were good. Their Rekorderlig was a bit of a rip-off, they had a “special offer” of bottles for £2.50, but it wasn’t the kind of bottle you would expect if you got a bottle of Kopparberg, it was a small beer style bottle.

Far more importantly, however, we were there for the two for one cocktails.

These started well, they had a menu but the first bartender we got was willing to mix up anything and I was soon sipping on an apricot martini. The second bartender we got was far more disappointing, however, despite working at a cocktail bar, he had never even heard of a sloppy joe, let alone being willing to mix one. Service was at least reasonably speedy, however.

The restaurant was far more of a disappointment. Despite charging almost £20 for a fillet steak, it couldn’t even compete with the likes of Brooklyn Bar or The Restaurant, let alone Blackhouse or Cattle Grid, all of which are cheaper, despite being in the city centre!

All in all, a good place to go for cocktails, but I can’t recommend eating there.

A Nation of Shopkeepers

Wednesday, July 27th, 2011 | Humanism

Last week, we headed over to Nation of Shopkeepers for the Tuesday night Atheist Society social.

In general, I was very disappointed. Given we’re in summer socials, the nights always involve dinner but we couldn’t find any suitable seating that had enough space for us all and still allowed us to conveniently eat.

The food was quite nice, but nothing special and there was distinct lack of drink choices. This was a huge disappointment as usually when you go somewhere trendy that at least have a very well stocked bar to compensate for the high pricing.

It wouldn’t be a bad call on a warm summer night when you could sit outside but for now it didn’t seem worth the trip. If I wanted to hang out in a pretentious bar I would just go downstairs to Call Lane lol.


Monday, July 25th, 2011 | Life, Photos

Having travelled round Europe last week I saw some amazing architecture, especially in Milan, Salzburg and Verona (where which both myself and Heather Nova now dream about).

However, thanks to the hard efforts of myself and Elina, Leeds now equally has its place among the great architectural works of the world, with our newly constructed Kopparberg tower.

Crazy nights at Wendy House

Sunday, July 24th, 2011 | Friends, Life

This month’s Wendy House turned out to be a bit of a handful. The night started off with Viki’s 21st birthday party, to which none of Viki’s mates turned up, but luckily the three of us are so popular that we made up the numbers with our own friends ;).

To celebrate we did trays of shots, and managed to mix around eight different spirits leading to be receiving the following text next day from Jonni…

Fuck your shots. I woke up in the doorway of my old flat.

As I explained, it’s not really a good night unless you wake up on someone else’s porch. Having carefully planned ahead to make sure I would have chicken wings ready for when I got home too, what more could you really want from a night out.

Thanks to Nicola for the photos.

The Library

Wednesday, July 6th, 2011 | Humanism

Last week we headed up to The Library pub for some old fashioned good times.

Having had some dinner we remembered why we hadn’t been to The Library in a while lol, I also missed out on getting dessert because the kitchen closed early, but at least the staff were nice and friendly and we had plenty of space.

Plus, the important thing is, lots and lots of cider got drunk.