Rocksmith Diary: Day 9

I haven’t written anything in a few days as I didn’t see the point when I had nothing to say. Things are going well though. I beat the third boss on Scale Warriors. Not sure how. Mainly just luck I think lol.

Today I did All I Want To Do on score attack (easy) and completed it! That was cool. Of course there are four or five difficulty settings before you have master the song but it is still cool to know I’m making some progress. I tried it a few days ago and totally failed it.

Some negatives too. The guitar tuner crashed on me and nothing would respond. I couldn’t see a reset button the PS3, so in the end I just used the eject button and that exited back to the PS3 start page. Then the controller started responding again and I was able to reload the page.

I’ve now played every song but one. That one is locked and it says go to Uplay to unlock it. However, when I went into there it isn’t clear how I unlock it. I probably just need to play around with it some more.

Also the pricing for extra songs isn’t cheap. I went into the shop today and individual songs are £2.39. You can also get song packs which vary in price. For example Alice in Chains which contains 5 songs is £9.69. The Green Day song pack contains three songs and is priced at £6.49. Those seem to be the two price points for the amount of songs you get.



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