Rocksmith Diary: Day 12

I finally did that bends lesson!

I have also been working on score attacks and managed to complete at least two – Knights of Cydonia and R U Mine? I failed a lot too. The difference between them is surprisingly though. Just on easy, I found Knights of Cydonia really difficult whereas R U Mine was essentially just 2, 2, 5 all the way through.

I also tried out the shop to buy more songs. The selection is pretty poor. There was a huge list of good songs somewhere so I’ll have to look up if/how to access them. A lot of bands are missing from the in-game store and also some of the songs mention packs, which are not listed on the packs page.

Also the Playstation Store seems pretty shitty. The integration is good – I just buy the song and it downloads and installs into the game. However you cannot just buy it. You have to preload money into your wallet. This can only be done in £5 increments and is non-refundable. So to buy a £2.39 song actually costs you £5 because that is the minimum you can load onto the store.

I was also a little worried about the content of the additional songs. I downloaded “Bring Me To Life” which will probably be okay anyway as I think it is by the Rocksmith team (I am not sure they all are). It turns out to be a really straight forward tab but I suspect that it actually just how the song is.

Another interesting milestone today was that I have now been practicing for 30 hours. So although I am only on day 12, and will continue for the 60 days, if I had spaced out my practice I would be at the mid-point today.

Am I half way to learning the guitar? It does not feel like it. Most of the songs I am about 20-30% master on. I have completed four or five score attacks but only on easy. It could be that a lot of time is spent learning the fundamentals and then it all comes quite fast but the amount of chords I have to do make me think otherwise. I guess time will tell.



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