Life isn’t ever going to slow down it is? I hoped it would when I graduated, that it wouldn’t be quite as hectic. I didn’t want it to slow down too much, I would have settled for just a bit. But I’m not sure I’m actually going to get that.

Having had our house warming on Friday at which I managed to work my way through a bottle of spirits without being too worse for wear on Saturday we headed down to the Deer Park for some recovery steak. Having eaten that I headed off straight to work for an interesting night of watching smartly dressed Opera in the Park goers look very out of place and made it home to bed for around 3am.

Once again dragging my ass out of bed a little earlier than I would have really liked to we headed back to the Deer Park for Sunday lunch. Having got back from that I then spent the afternoon battling through a week’s worth of freelancing work I needed to catch up on before heading to the pub quiz.



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