New header images

The observant of you may have noticed that there are some new header images on rotation on my website and blog. These are in keeping with the original header images – one stock shot, one hero shot and one collage. I’m planning on expanding the amount of images in rotation over time though I only want to do it when I have interesting images to add.

The first one is just an image I picked up off iStock which I loved.

The second is a photo of me blogging, I might re-shoot this at some point in the future as it didn’t come out exactly how I wanted it but then I thought it somewhat of a lost cause to translate my imagination into photography and so got as close as I could.

Finally the collage is a few of my old school pictures from back in the day when I was at high school, or at least six form. Given appropriate aging effects, of course.

New header image New header image New header image



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