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Facebook have really been dropping the ball recently.

I don’t know what they have done to their photos uploader, but whatever they have done has broken it. I can’t say I’ve ever really had a problem with in until about a month ago when I started having a few problems, which have just started getting worse and worse.

For one thing it started crashing when I tried to upload large numbers of images. This has really annoyed me when uploading images for AHS Conference and London were I would be uploading 60 images at a time (into seperate album because for some, no doubt pointless reason, Facebook only allows 60 images per album) it would send them all which as you can imagine takes a long time and then crashes when it finishes.

The uploads are constantly failing too. Which again seems to wait until it has completed and all the images have been sent to bring up the normally “upload successful” dialog which comes up saying the upload has failed and you should try again. Which you possibly should, but not right away as the dialog would seem to indicate because it will just go on failing.

And to top it all off now, the “simple uploader” to use if their main uploader isn’t working, now rather than letting you upload the photos just sends you back to the main uploader without saving the photos, which, once again of course, sends all the data first which keeps you waiting for ages, before disgarding it all. Brilliant.



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