Maths coursework conspiracy

I’m sure there is some kind of global conspiracy against my maths coursework. I was going to do it and bring it into uni on Saturday but then Michelle came round so I finished it off yesterday and was going to bring it down yesterday afternoon. However I thought considering it would mean 1 1/2 extra hours travelling I might as well just get up an hour early and bring it in this morning.

So I got here this morning and headed down to Eniac to use the 24 hour coursework box. Only to find that they have now taken the keypad off the door and my keyfob that I put a £25 deposit on doesn’t actually work at all.

So I rushed up to the Long Room which was open (I didn’t think it would be but there you go) and went through my bag to find my coursework. It’s not there. I don’t know where it is as I had it this morning, presumely put it in my bag to hand in but apparently not.

So now my coursework is probably going to be two days late as it won’t be in until after 9pm tomorrow which means I will have missed todays deadline and tomorrows.



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