Fran is coming!

Yes, you read the title right, Fran is coming! That’s pretty much all I know at the moment. Well I know a little bit more. She’s Michelle’s friend and she is coming up to stay for the weekend which happens to be the Wendy House weekend which is awesome.

Planning a Tunnel Club trip for tomorrow night, Oli is coming who I haven’t seen in ages. Well I saw him like last week but we just stopped to have a quick chat and block the entrance to Red Route so there is still plenty of catching up to do.

Been playing my guitar this evening, I’m hoping tomorrow will get me fired up into playing too. I’m in a band mood. Ooo, on that note, Maths Chris plays base which reminds me that he is coming to Tunnel Club tomorrow. That’s cool as it means I have more than three friends in my social circle :p.

Oh and wierdly, apparently someone actually reads my blog as Michelle says she got busted for one of the things I posted on it :D. Didn’t see that one coming.



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