Live from Pulse

Wow, I can get wireless network in Pulse. I’m down here sorting the music out for Claire’s art fund raising dealie. It’s a bit dead on the ground but it’s still very early so I’m sure it will pick up in the next half an hour or so as most people said they wouldn’t down until then anyway. I’m running two external hard drives to provide me with all the music which is pretty cool as it gives me so much more than I had with just the one last time. I need a new bigger one really.

Speaking of such events that take place in venues at night and feature music, I spoke to events about getting a club night organised. It’s not cheap to rent a union venue if you’re not a society. Maybe it’s like that in general but you basically need to charge a high ticket price and fill the venue to make it worth doing. Given most alternative nights don’t (not that I’m planning an alternative night) fill the venue I’m suprised there are any running at all.



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