Letter to Wasabi

It has been a while since I have wasted some of my time moaning about a trivial issue. So I’ve sent a letter to Wasabi Co to complain about their milkshakes not working.


I think you should remove the milkshakes from your menu because they never ever work.

We’ve stopped even asking your Albion Street store because every single time we have gone in there ever since it opened, they have said the machine is not working and we need to go to the Trinity store to get a milkshake.

However the Trinity one manages little better. In the twenty times we have been in there to ask if the milkshakes are working we have maybe had four times, and that was quite a while ago – the last ten times in a row we have been in there they have not been working.

I used to work at McDonald’s and I was embarrassed about our failure rate because our milkshakes would be out of action maybe 10% of the time, probably less. Your failure rate is over 90%; they basically never ever work.

We have stopped going in now; we just go to the smoothie place next door because we know they won’t be working. It feels like they are only on the menu to annoy both your own staff and your customers.

Best wishes,

Still, probably good news for my health, and Juice next door.

Wasabi have since responded saying they are doing all they can to get the milkshake machine fixed. So we got out hopes up and went back a week later. This only lead to another email…


Thanks for your email. Unfortunately, this does not seem to be the case. We went in yesterday and the machine was still not fixed. I was told that the branch no longer sold milkshakes as the machine was broken and would be out-of-action permanently.

Best wishes,

They again got back to me to say that they definitely are fixing it, and will be getting a new machine into their Albion Street branch too, presumably to start selling milkshakes there for the first time ever.



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