Keep quiet, nothing comes as easy as you

It’s silly o’clock (that means it’s very late) and I’m in Eniac. Why? Coursework of course. SY23 is due in at 10am on Monday morning and having no plans to be up at that time due to the fact I am working the close on Sunday it was either come down tonight and hand it in or come down tomorrow night and hand it in. Given I would be cutting myself quite short on time if something went wrong tomorrow night I decided tonight was the best night to do it.

I was able to do most of it from home actually, using SSH I was able to upload the files (by FTPing them to my web host then individually getting each file with wget, a bit messy and slow but the easiest way I reckon) and set all the permissions and such and I was able to view the development server by making a VPN connection to SoC.

The problem that our school still requires hard copies of such things as reports though resulted in me having to drive over at 4 in the morning to hand it in. I need sleep dammit! Which is a good idea, I’m going to go and sleep now. Well, I’ll drive home first, driving while asleep is quite dangerous I’ve heard. I don’t actually know this for a fact but it is one of those things I don’t want to risk you know.



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