Jackpots, Leeds

Recently, a new lunch place specialising in jacket potatoes opened across the road from our office, named Jackpots.

I tried it out last week, though I wasn’t overly impressed. The potato was nice and the toppings were OK, but I think a few key problems let them down. First of all, you can’t build your own potato. They have a few toppings you can select a combination of, otherwise you have to go for a “set menu” style. In an age of Subway and Barburrito, it would be much better if they could just lay them all out and you could pick any combination.

Secondly, I don’t think the containers they give them out in. They’re like the noodle boxes you get from Wokon. They do fold out to form a flat surface, but they don’t do this very well and that is equally annoying as it has no edges. Give me an old fashioned takeaway box any day.



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