Going out in the rain

In re-telling this story I hope to be able to use the experience one day in some form of screenplay. It’s not like it hasn’t happened before but I’ve just never blogged about it before. It is kind of ironic that we had the "April shows" on the 2nd of May though. I mean what is all that about?

I went out about 20 minutes ago. Storms over, we can go down to the co-op knowing that the rain will continue to ease off. I mean who ever heard of an eye of the storm that lasted two hours? Ok, that was a joke ;). That was long gone but it seems the storm had three waves. Now it has all but stopped. Unfair.

I mean it rains, then it stops and now I have no excuse to skip media. Well providing I can find something to wear, I’m not big in several sets of clothes. Well actually I have loads but I only wear the ones I am in the mood for at this time of year (currently stuff in various shades of red).

We decided to run it up the hill from the Co-op and made it as far as school. There comes to a point though were there is little point running considering how wet you are. On the plus side though my hair is cool when wet, I could shake it dry like a dog.

There is something cinematic about heavy rain though. I actually have a scene in my ultimate film with rain (although its raining blood not water and that film is for another post). Still though, I’ve been inspired somehow. Scary I know, I hate nature but there you go.



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