Going all techie

I always considered myself an MSDN person and believe me, I still very much am. Although today I have drifted over to being a TechNet person. I don’t really like the whole techie thing as getting computers to work that aren’t is beyond annoying. But certain developer style developments led me there.

The firm rooting in MSDN here is that to drift over I have been developing two websites. The websites in question are Server Admin Newbie and Hardware Tutorials. The first one I launched today and the latter I have just been working on.

I have been toying with the idea of doing a guide for new server admins as I know how clueless I was when I first got my VPS hosting. I had also been thinking that I don’t have a big enough range of developed sites. I’ve put everything into celeb sites, I have loads of others I guess but it didn’t feel like I did. End result I started that site.

Secondly I am going to be spending some time on Hardware Tutorials as it has plenty of potential. I wrote a new tutorial just now and I have realised it isn’t in any of the search engines or Worfolk Online’s database so I will be letting the world know it is out there this evening.



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