Getting blood out of an iPhone

Having recently upgraded to iOS 5, I thought great! I’ll be able to use iCloud to send the photos from my iPhone straight to my laptop using Photo Stream and that will be the end of it.

No more will I have to connect my phone up using my cable, then open iPhoto, then import the photos into iPhone, then select the photos and click “Show in Finder.”

But of course, it isn’t actually as simple as that.

I opened up iPhone, the one that comes with my Mac and didn’t know anything about Photo Stream. Turns out you have to get the new version of iPhone, and that costs £10.49. I reluctantly did, and then found the Photo Stream option and turned it on.

But no photos appeared.

I waited a day or two in case it only synced once every twenty four hours. Still no photos appeared.

So in the end I plugged my iPhone into my Mac and imported the pictures into iPhoto manually. Then I went to right click on the photos to go to “Show in Finder” so I could get them. But that option seems to have disappeared.

In fact, the only way I seemed to be able to get them out was to connect my gMail account to iPhone and email them to myself.

Good work there Tim, I would like my £10.49 back.



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