Eurovision 2024

Well-earned victory by Switzerland. It was a good song. Croatia I was a bit more surprised at. Also that France scored so many jury points even that Graham Norton said his voice broke for the jury final. How can these scores be accurate when the technical quality was notably low?

Disappointing night for the UK. After 2022, we known people will vote for us. We just need a good song and it just wasn’t a banger. The staging was very innovative. But it was also in a toilet an I don’t want to look at a toilet for three minutes.

It was odd that Israel were allowed to compete with Russia have been excluded from the competition when both countries are accused of committing war crimes. People have expressed surprise about Israel getting so much of the public vote but I think it is the nature of voting. Israel’s actions are highly polarising. 66% of people think they should stop committting genocide, according to YouGov, but 13% think they should continue. That’s ten million people in the UK. That’s a lot of votes. And you can’t unvote Israel, not really tactically vote against them given countries give points to ten or so countries and there were 23 options to choose from.

Ironically, Eden Golan lives in Russia. Also ironic that Graham Norton commented on our Loreen is such a good performer and then she sat on a chair the whole time.

Good to see Finland in the final, and Ireland not only in the final but coming 6th. I’ll finish by allowing Nemo to sing us out.



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