It’s getting towards the end of term and I think we’re all (perhaps with the exception of Mr. Scott Revell) feeling the strain of coursework. In the last two weeks have term we have coursework due in for every single module, indeed, one of which is due in this week (at least for me) and the rest next week (I think). Point is, there is a lot of coursework. I walked in to DEC-10 this morning to find Drew sitting in the same seat he was sitting in when I left last night.

I’ve been more proactive than normal in getting the work done but given I work like 30 hours a week on top of my degree, I’m still going to struggle to get it all done. I’ve now finished my AI21 (though it hasn’t been handed in yet) and have now started on my SE20 coursework. Once that is out the way I still have SY (I’m told it’s easy, it doesn’t look that easy though), DB (that looks like a bit of work though doable) and AI22 (even the courseworkaholics are dreading that one) and I have just over a week to finish them all.



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