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Dublin Mountain Backyard recce

Thursday, April 27th, 2023 | Sport

The Dublin Mountain Backyard Ultra takes place next month. The organisers put together an official recce event in which we went around the course a few times. It is so hilly. It’s pretty much three kilometres up and three kilometres back down with some technical terrain. Evelation gain is around 250 metres; significantly more than God’s Own Backyard Ultra so I might need to lower my expectations. Gorgeous views, though.

Phoenix Park Duathlon

Wednesday, April 26th, 2023 | Sport

I don’t like duathlons. It’s just running and cycling. Triathlons are hard, and therefore worthwhile because it involves swimming and I am a poor swimmer. Also, it’s an Olympic sport. Running is good because I like running and again, it’s an Olympic sport. Duathlons are just this weird in-between thing. Nobody ever asks if you’ve ever done a duathlon.

I signed up anyway to race with the club but in the end, I was the only one there. So, I was feeling pretty fed up at the start. Work, university, and being a dad have all been getting on top of me recently and I’m just not feeling like myself. Hopefully, race season will fix that.

Run 1

The first run was 5k: two loops of the field by transition. I was in wave three and set off right at the back but despite my relatively easy pace, I soon began progressing through the field. I wanted to run at a comfortable pace so I could at least attempt to enjoy it.

It was good to see at least some mix of abilities. Ireland is typically focused on highly competitive athletes so having people in the race who were running a 30+ minute 5k made it feel more inclusive and a bit more like home.


The cycle course was 3 x 7k laps of Phoenix Park. Best of all: closed roads! The course was well marshalled, had a good road surface and few enough athletes on the course that it wasn’t overcrowded. Reasonably flat, too: you could pedal the whole way around with one easy climb at the end. Athletes with a higher FTP than mine will have used the big chainring the whole way around.

The best thing was probably the views. Phoenix Park is huge. Even though you are in the heart of Dublin, you would never know it if it wasn’t for the occasional glimpse of the Dublin skyline. The rest of the time you are cycling through trees, hills and grass.

Run 2

The final run was a single lap of the field. I set off at the same easy pace. Maybe a little faster as there was someone breathing down my neck. After the 2k point, I couldn’t help myself speeding up a little for the sprint finish.


There were 260 finishers of which I was the 200th with an overall time of:


My splits were:

Discipline Time
Run 1 24:55
T1 1:23
Bike 47:46
T2 1:27
Run 2 11:23

They had a photographer at the end but they missed me at the start, end, and on the bike, unfortuntely.

300th parkrun

Tuesday, April 11th, 2023 | Sport

Last Saturday, I completed my 300th parkrun.

Unfortunately, there was no time to celebrate. I was hoping to do it on 1 April and had even cleared a space in my diary to finally stop for coffee after. But then I had the flu so missed that run. By the time the next week rolled around, it was in the middle of the DUHAC 24-hour relay, so I had to keep running. But good to make it through the unofficial milestone.

DUHAC 24-hour run

Monday, April 10th, 2023 | Sport

Trinity Harriers holds an annual fundraiser and this year’s challenge was a 24-hour run. Ten teams of four athletes had 24 hours to run as far as they could. I was on Team Cool Runnings along with Joanne, Oren and Eoin.

I wanted to run a minimum of 60k as that felt achievable: with 24 hours, you can essentially run a marathon and a half as if it were two separate days. But in the back of my mind, it would be great to hit 100k. Ever since I had to drop out of Endure24 at 86k I wanted to try again. However, Race to the Castle was cancelled two years in a row and Eurovision got in the way of God’s Own Backyard Ultra so I’ve been left wondering whether my hip would stand up to the distance.

Race day report

I decided my best strategy was to run for two hours at midnight. I could then get six hours of sleep before parkrun, and wake up with fresh legs and a whole day ahead of me. Things did not go to plan. I had stomach issues on the run and the cramps continued throughout the night making it difficult to sleep. I managed to hold down some toast in the morning and then set off for parkrun which would provide a second two-hour block of running, taking me to 42k. Obviously, I ran the extra 200 metres.

After this, I came home and prepared a hot lunch: chicken, bacon and lettuce sandwich which I had absolutely no interest in eating. I took a few bites and my hunger slowly started to kick in. After battling through it I decided to proceed based on 10k loops, allowing me to take a break every hour or so. I managed three of these loops without much issue, albeit getting slower every time.

By this point, I was at 72k and setting out on my fourth 10k loop. This was proceeding like the previous loops until the 3.4k point when I started running up the hill to Cabinteely. I felt dizzy. I stopped and debated whether it would be safer to walk back. This didn’t solve the lightheadedness, though, so I decided to sit down on the grass, eat some emergency Haribo and call a taxi to take me back home.

Having safely made it back to the apartment, I cooked a pizza which I managed half of and then decided I would see how far I could walk with the remainder of the day. I was always planning to switch to loops around the building at some point in case of digestive issues. But trying to get through 25k worth of loops was not on the original plan.

I completed the first 11k just as the sun was setting. It was still warm enough to be in a t-shirt. I did some running but still wasn’t feeling great and didn’t have much energy left anyway. At the 14k point, I went back for another break, stuffing whatever food I could manage and switching all of my energy drinks for Red Bull. Now all I needed to survive was a final 14k of mostly walking in circles in the dark. After another 10k, I took a final toilet stop and headed out once more but now with that “I actually might finish this thing” feeling.

There was no grand energy boost for the final laps. Just a slow and relieved plod. When I finally finished I sat down on the wall and checked all of my stats to make sure it had really happened. I kept imagining later discovering “oh no, I only ran 99.8k and I have to do it all again!”


In the end, it was a comfortable victory for Team Cool Runnings. We covered 228.01 km between us, giving us a 83.89 km victory over Team Scrambled Legs in second. The closest runner to me was my teammate Joanne who finished with 62.28 km including a marathon in a single run, and my teammate Oren covered the fourth farthest distance split over 25 separate runs completing a minimum of one mile every hour. Incredible effort, team!

I was moving for just under 11 hours, spread across a 23-and-a-half-hour period. My watch measured me at 100,260 steps (1002% of my goal, apparently) and I burnt 9,753 calories.

Well done also to Team Legs and the City and Team Stridge and Prejudice who trounced everyone else in the fundraising competition. Collectively, we raised over €3,800 with helps support the club as well as raising money for Special Olympics Ireland. The quality of team names was also excellent.


I haven’t trained much with DUHAC since I moved house so it was nice to be part of a club event. A big thank you to Moya and Peter for all of their organisation around the event.

I’m super happy to get 100k in the bag! I started to have some hip pain at GOBYU so I wondered if I was always going to be an issue. I did a weight lifting course earlier this year to try and build some strength but then between university, paid employment, fatherhood and charity commitments I have just been overwhelmed and haven’t stuck to it.

I think what made the difference this time was focusing on technique and core strength. If I stopped focusing on my core, I would start bending from the waist and that put pressure on my legs. As long as I stayed focused on lifting from my core, my technique remained good (both running and walking), the discomfort went away and I moved easier.

Would this work at a 100k race? I’m not sure. Maybe at something like Endure24 where I can start, stop, return to base, etc. I’m not sure it has given me the confidence to take on a 100k point-to-point race despite having previously had a ticket to Race to the Castle. But who knows what the future will bring. I have a backyard ultra next month so we will see how that goes.

I’m also very pleased to have recovered from the flu in time. Of the three races I had booked so far this year, I’ve missed two due to illness and I was worried my lungs wouldn’t be back to full health. I’m grateful every opportunity I get to take on one of these challenges.

Learn to Lift

Saturday, March 4th, 2023 | Sport

I recently finished a six-week Learn to Lift course. Despite being a strength and conditioning coach, we only do bodyweight in triathlon, so I didn’t know that much about getting the weights out in the gym. The course was really good: we covered squats, deadlifts and the bench press mostly using the barbell. Thanks Grace!

Naas duathlon

Monday, February 27th, 2023 | Sport

Duathlon is a multisport run-cycle-run event. I’ve never really been that into duathlons. It doesn’t have the sex appeal of triathlon. Perhaps because it is plausible that people like both running and cycling. Whereas nobody likes swimming, cycling and running so we can all suffer together.

Still, Trinity Triathlon was making it a club trip and my previous experience in Naas, for the Naas triathlon, had been a good one. This one was at the Punchestown race course and featured a 3k run, 20k cycle and 3k run.

Just as we rocked up, the freezing rain came down. Fáilte to Ireland. Luckily, it held off for the race and sat comfortably in the cold but not too cold temperature. The bike course was an out-and-back which had a long hill that, to its credit, felt longer on the way down than it did on the way up.

My splits were:

Discipline Time
Run 1 14:21
T1 1:23
Bike 42:50
T2 1:43
Run 2 15:01
Overall 1:15:17

Good enough for 128 out of 178. It was on the National Championship series so everyone was annoyingly fast. I’m claiming victory vicariously because I drove Maxence to the race, and he came first in his age group.

Virtual Race Series 13

Thursday, February 9th, 2023 | Sport

During COVID, JP started organising a Zwift league for the triathlon club. 13 series later and it is still going! Mostly thanks to JP’s relentless organisation skills. It’s been wonderful to have a way to stay connected to the club.

I accentually got myself promoted to the top division last series which meant racing against people much better than me. And led to some exhausting evenings with Amy chasing me down for most of the race. But thanks to only three dragon league riders showing up for all five races I managed to scoop myself a bronze 😆.

Chevin Chase

Thursday, December 29th, 2022 | Sport

The Chevin Chase is an 11k trail race that takes place on Boxing Day each year. it is notoriously hilly but not as hilly as I expected: there were clearly some flat bits in it!

The race is now split across two waves and there were around 19 Harriers in each. It rained as we waited for the start but lightened up slightly once the gun went off and we began our climb up the first long hill. With hundreds of people around it was a timid start as there was nowhere to go.

After the first three or four kilometres, it thinned out. I got to the 2k point and thought “I’m glad I weren’t for leggings and long sleeves because I’m still cold”. It wasn’t until the long climb at the 9k point that I started to get too hot.

The course was in good condition, mostly. My feet were dry until the water dip at 9k, which was then followed by some deep slippy mud. But the trails through Chevin Forest Park were very runnable. I made the decision to run through the water dip.

There was plenty of n course support including JP and Anne who took this lovely photo:

The final part is downhill with one little kick up. Luckily I had heard Lou’s warning about the kick and was prepared for it! Nobody had told James, so I managed to catch him up and we crossed the line together.

It was a beautiful race and I didn’t mind the hills. The weather was miserable. But whereas do you get the chance to catch up with so many Harriers in one spot over Christmas? Would do again.

World Cup 2022

Monday, December 19th, 2022 | Sport

Had France in the family sweepstake. So close.

The mixed reactions to Gareth Southgate’s management are silly. England made it to the semi-finals in 2018, the final of Euro 2020 and only just fell to France in this World Cup. It’s the most consistent England team we’ve had in my lifetime.

Clontarf half marathon

Wednesday, November 30th, 2022 | Sport

Clontarf is an area of Dublin just north of the city centre. They promise Dublin’s flattest half marathon, which after Tollymore a few weeks ago had a strong appeal.

The course goes out along the seafront before taking the wooden bridge over to Bull Island. It then goes over to the far side of the island facing onto the Irish sea and along the beach for two kilometres before heading back across the island, onto the mainland and along the coastal path towards Howth. You then turn around and re-trace your steps.

Over 3,000 people took part meaning the course was busy. Once we were back on the main land there were lots of runners coming the other way and overtaking became difficult. I was aiming for the 1:50 wave, but somehow found myself in the 1:45 wave and yet still spent the whole race overtaking people.

On the way out, the beach was lovely. There was plenty of firm sand to run on. On the way back, things were more challenging. The tide had come in and covered a lot of the sand. The wind became a strong cross-head wind and a lot of people found it so hard going that they dropped to a walk. I managed to battle on but at over two kilometres it was a hard 15 minutes!

Thankfully, we did eventually reach the bridge and back onto the mainland. The wind and tide was now throwing waves over the seafront wall so my careful attempts to keep my feet (and my hair) dry were at an end. At least we got a brief tail wind coming back across the bridge.

My official time was:


Officially, I didn’t care about time and just wanted to take it easy and have fun. But a part of me also wanted to make sure I was under 1:50 so that I could tell myself that if I was actually trying, I could go much faster. In the end, I was comfortably under and that was good enough for 629 out of 2,307.