30 Days of Action: Day 7

I was in teaching all of today (9am until 6pm). That went pretty well in itself. The statistics lab session was the hardest yet, looking at factorial ANOVAs, and I only just got it completed in the two hours. But apparently, most people only got 40% of the way through, suggesting I am at least beating the curve.

Also, busy revising for tomorrow’s biopsychology exam. I had Elina test me and that went pretty well, but her questions were restricted to the topics I had written neatly enough to be legible so there could be sampling issues.

So, with those excuses about why I haven’t done anything, here is what I have done:

My new guest post has been published. Unfortunately, they have a network of sites and they decided to publish it on a different one to the one I wanted. I already have a guest post on the other site, so the whole thing has been a complete waste of time. Shame, but life goes on.

I’ve made great process with my new book. I finished all three remaining chapters. Next, I need to go through and add some pictures and then it can move into the editing phase.

I’ve also been looking at adding personalised reports to Worfolk Anxiety. This has been hanging around for a while and I’ve been procrastinating on it. The reason is that there wasn’t a clear set of steps. If in doubt, break it down. So, I have done. And I now have a list of small steps to get it done. I’ve made a start on step one: create a HTML version of the report. Once this is done, I can look at PDF conversion and delivering it to users.

Finally, I’ve written the sales copy for my new course. I’ve also had a meeting with my marketing advisor (Elina) to discuss imagery.



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