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FilmSpot launches

Friday, January 19th, 2007 | Life

CNet have been busy again. Last month they very quietly launched FilmSpot which is basically the same as there current properties and but with even more Web 2.0. I only strumbled across it today and was unable to find any other blog posts about it nor a press release (they’re a very strange company, they never put out press releases about new site launches but put plenty out about things people don’t care about).

It’s not been the best day in peace town

Wednesday, January 17th, 2007 | Life

I’ve spent my day upgrading web application after web application as well as pruning hundreds upon hundreds of spam posts that have hit several forums I own. You just reach a point where you almost want to become Christian in order that you can believe the people behind this work can actually burn in hell. It is my fond hope that at minimum they will burn in this life. I hate them, I really do. With a pure dark passion. I hope they suffer. I hope they are suffering.

As ever my inbox is one of my mortal enemies. Every time I check it there are more emails from various hippies that require me to respond or take some action or sort out some problem. For once I would like to open it and a gentle carming voice to say “you have no new mail.”

On the plus side I have my floor space back now, or at least, as much of it as I am going to get back. I got some new shelving from Argos yesterday which has cleared some of the crap off the floor which was previously without a home and once you add on the effect of the room re-arranging I did I have got the amount of stuff that is on the floor simply because it has no other home due to lack of space down to a minimum.


Monday, January 15th, 2007 | Life

It’s rare that my computers get turned off. It’s almost an even these days. Tonight is one such of those events. I got my UPS at the start of January and on Friday my extention cables finally arrived for it along with yet another massive surge protected multi-socket, so having picked them up today I’m going to be wiring everything in tonight.

While everything is off I will be completely re-arranging my electronics, turning everything off and swapping everything round (on top of my UPS I now have 2 4-ways that come off the UPS, 3 regular 8-way multi-sockets and another 2 regular 4-way multi-sockets due to the fact I’ve currently lost one of them or it would be 3 and of course everything is a surge protector).

I’ll also be bringing my server back online (if I can lol; I don’t know why it won’t come online as I don’t have a monitor for it) and giving everything a good clean as it’s hard to get in and dust when everything is plugged in, let alone turned on.

It’s a shame really as I was doing so well. Mr. O’Shea still has the edge with his now 100 days of uptime but I’ve now reached 69 days which I like to think is quite impressive for a Windows machine. It’s wierd to think it’s been on since October. Still, I’ve now add Windows moaning at me to install some updates for over a month now.

Fallen leaves, fallen leaves, fallen leaves on the ground

Sunday, January 14th, 2007 | Life

So, where was I? The bulk of exams are over but stress levels are still running high – AI22 isn’t going to be an easy exam, housing still needs to be sorted for next year, Atheist Soc needs some quality time spent with it and my online ventures are also desperate to get some development time.

While many people have taken the weekend off to relax I was working yesterday and I’m closing tonight so that will probably take out most of monday. That gives me Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday to get a bit of work done before the exam on Friday, then we’ll probably go out Friday, sleep through most of Saturday before Wendy then I’m working again on Sunday. Bring on term time.

Runaway before you drown, or the streets will beat you down

Friday, January 12th, 2007 | Life

Akismet is getting beaten. Still I guess it’s still quite a small percentage that are getting through compared to how many I get hit with.

Since my DB exam I had two on Thursday, AI21 which didn’t go well at all, border line pass if that and then SE20 in the afternoon which went fine. I managed to start a question with “No, you’re wrong, I’m the developer here!” so it’s all good. Then this morning I had SY21 which went without problem. So just one more exam to go now.

It would be nice to not have to do anything for a week now but sadly I’m not in that situation. I have work tomorrow which will take up most of the day (and looks like my other plans for tomorrow may have fallen through) and I’m working Sunday which is a close so I’ll probably sleep through most of Monday. Then by the time I’ve revised for AI22 it will be the exam itself, I’m doing a close on the Sunday after that and then I’m back in lectures for semester.

Had the work’s Chrismukka party last night. Was alright, won at MP3 player as part of the star of the shift competition. Didn’t win it, came joint 4th and obviously it’s not going to be an ultra-quality MP3 player but it can hold a gigabyte of stuff so it’s decent enough if only as an extra UMS device.

First exam

Tuesday, January 9th, 2007 | Life

Just got back from my first exam, DB21. It went quite well, there was some topics I knew we had covered and I didn’t really know but for the most part I think I managed to struggle through it and get the important parts. What mark I will get I don’t know but I’m sure I’ve done more than enough to keep me well clear of the failure line.

Most people were still working when I left, about an hour and twenty into a two hour exam. I wasn’t the first to leave by any means but people were either writing a hell of a lot or really struggling. I’m hoping for the really struggling option though I don’t put too much faith in that being the case.

Ah well, only four more to go.


Tuesday, January 9th, 2007 | Life

They are upon us! As in, I start my first one in less than an hour. I don’t really care though, I just want to get it out of the way. That’s not true, I do care, but I’m struggling to care enough to really get motivated for it. Trying to map out my final revision sessions is interesting. I have tomorrow off and two exams on Thursday but I also need to go over the material for Friday’s exam. That’s in the afternoon though but I am going out with work the night before so it’s also add it on to Wednesday or last thing before the exam when I get up on Friday.

Then at least we have a nice long gap before AI22, not that anybody has a clue what is going to be on that exam.

All in all, once they are over and done with I will be pleased. I have several coding projects I am iching to get on with but I’m trying to keep away from them as I know if I start coding I’m just going to forget about my exams completely.

Power sockets

Monday, January 8th, 2007 | Life

No room ever in the entire world has enough power sockets. Right now I have a 4 way multi-socket in one wall socket, 2 8 way multi-sockets in two other wall sockets, a 4 way multi-socket coming out of one of those and I’m now having to remodel my entire room to fit everything in. I’m going to have to order at least 3 more multi-sockets this week to cope.

The amount of sockets I need is silly. I mean, hypothetically if I was using everything at once…

  1. UPS
  2. Old laptop
  3. Scanner
  4. Desktop
  5. Monitor
  6. Sound system
  7. Wireless access point
  8. Switch
  9. Router
  10. Old desktop
  11. External hard drive
  12. External DVD-RW
  13. Playstation
  14. SNES
  15. TV
  16. Freeview box
  17. DVD player
  18. Old DVD player
  19. Scanner
  20. USB hub
  21. Laptop
  22. k800i charger
  23. k700i charger
  24. Lamp
  25. Other lamp
  26. Guitar amp
  27. Stereo
  28. Camcorder mains lead
  29. Camera charger
  30. Toaster
  31. TV arial

Of course, I wouldn’t use everything at the same time but most of that stuff wants to be plugged in all the time, it’s mainly chargers that wouldn’t ideally want a dedicated power socket. Even when you take all of that stuff off – that is a hell of a lot of sockets.

My UPS will soon be able to feed my computers though which will help a bit, especially if I can get regular multi-sockets to go into it though I will probably have more electrical equipment arriving over the next 6 months to take up even more sockets.

Winter term

Saturday, January 6th, 2007 | Life

Things are finally getting back on track. People are back in Leeds. Thursday night I met up with Si, Kieran, Matt and Kat for a few drinks in the evening. Then yesterday I went down to the station with Si to pick Michelle up. I’m still not getting any work done though and our exams are now 3 days away.

I’ve not been massively on top of things either. My inboxes have well over 1,000 emails in them. Most of it is spam but still it’s a lot to download. I may need to consider activating some server side spam solutions but the kind of processing power they take on the server is far from negligable.

Hopefully once everything gets settled down and probably it will require our exams to be over too, I can get back into the swing of things.

Marathon shift

Tuesday, January 2nd, 2007 | Life

I earned over £100 yesterday.

How awesome is that?

After New Years Eve close I was in work the next day for 10am which was almost an open (we opened at 9, the first staff came in at 8) and I was supposed to be on until 5:30. Fate however seemed to have different plans. The closing team was Rich, Hannah and Haris. Rich is a kitchen closer (though can do front but doesn’t really know what he’s doing that well), Hannah isn’t either and Haris might be able to manage kitchen but doesn’t really know what he’s doing that well. So it wasn’t the best situation ever.

Then Hannah phoned in sick. They were now down to two closers and you need at least three (preferably four). So somehow I got talked into staying on and doing the close. We got out at 2:30 meaning that I worked a 16 and a half hour shift. That took some Red Bull. I wouldn’t have agreed to do it but it was time and a half yesterday so when you take off my breaks I got 12 and a half hours at time and a half and 2 and a half hours at premium (after midnight) hours. Not bad.

Afterwards we headed over to Amanda’s party. Well, I say party, I think we missed most of it as when I got there I found both Dannys and Chris there as well as Amanda passed out on the sofa. We spent most of the night watching movies then went for breakfast at 6:30 as soon as the restaurant opened just to annoy Rob :p. Well, and also because we wanted food. I ended up getting back home about 1:30pm ish. It’s been a long few days.