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The parallel Winks

Friday, September 30th, 2005 | Life

Blogs are great for documenting names. Just spent a while in George’s room (like Winks’s but on the other side) along with her siblings, Tom and Charlotte.

Xmeltrut advances

Friday, September 30th, 2005 | Life is heading towards 5,000 posts. That said, the average posts per day has fallen to like 12 (and that is after the healthy 18 I just posted) and the weekly total is way below the 100 mark. Haven’t been posting as much as I normally do although it hasn’t been bad.


Thursday, September 29th, 2005 | Life

Hmm, Thursays are not cool. I had already spent two one hour sessions wasting time (I actually ended up doing some work, wierd I know) and then after my tutorial 3-4, I have to waste two hours while I wait for my film making society meeting to start. Indeed, I am still wasting that time now.

I forgot my Worfolk Pictures hat though which sucks although I did manage to get the first few pages of my scripts printed off. I was tempted to go home and print them all off as I also need to go home and collect some bank details but it’s finding the time to do it.

What also sucks is I couldn’t find my Truth Stakers scripts which would have been good so I am just left with Midnight Heat, Sleepless and Perspective. The other two are old projects but Sleepless is a new psychological horror film I brainstormed over the weekend.

I could really do to have my bank details come through as I need my pin number so I can start buying things with my overdraft and credit card, namely books which I need to buy as soon as possible so that I can get on with my course. One of them is £74! What is that about? Looks like I will be shopping at Amazon Marketplace for that one.

Freshers flu

Thursday, September 29th, 2005 | Life

It took a week or so to really start spreading but freshers flu has now really taken hold. I started to come down with it Tuesday, went in for a few lectures then spent 1:30 pm onwards in bed all yesterday and am gradually getting over it now.

Just sitting listening in DEC-10 though you can here us all coughing. Hope I don’t have to mingle with freshers next year ;). Ah well, if we didn’t get it, it wouldn’t be part of the university experiance which I am pretty determined to have.

As I have so much more time to kill between lectures now I might be posting more as I have hardly been online over the past few weeks (save for dealing with e-mails and updating my daily news sites). That said I may destroy the blog when I try to change my login username from admin to xmeltrut lol. WordPress doesn’t seem to provide you with a way to do that, just change your display name. Maybe I just missed it.

Post-freshers week

Tuesday, September 27th, 2005 | Life

Back to the real world sort of. Freshers week is over though the partying continues. We headed into town earlier and had a drink at Walkabout before heading to the Bondi Beach Club (£10, free drinks all night). Membership and entrance was going to be £13 though which is more than I would drink so myself and Laura left and went back, grabbing a pizza in Headingly.

Lectures were pretty boring, one wasn’t bad, had a maths test in the last which I failed badly (I got like 8 out of 16 or something). Not really much work so far though as they are just really introductions at the moment.

Live from DEC10

Monday, September 26th, 2005 | Life

Been a while. Actually I’m not sure how long it has been. But it wasn’t last night because the ISS network was down so none of us could get on the internet. Not happy about that, I missed updates for all sites except Hex Series which I updated while I was still at home.

Went home Saturday morning mainly for Tramey’s wedding although also to catch up on my cable TV viewing ;). Less dependent now though as I have freeview so I can get E4. Just missing Sky One now. Not that I have had much time to watch anything over the past week, I caught Simple Life, Friends and Six Feet Under last night at that’s about the only TV I have watched all week.

Anyway so yeah I’m now in the DEC10 lab in the school of computing. I was worried I would have nothing to do while I was waiting between lecutures (I have a two hour gap at the moment) but it looks like I will just be able to come in here. Sorted.

End of freshers week

Saturday, September 24th, 2005 | Life

Well, it’s Friday. Well technically Saturday but it counts as Friday. The final day of freshers week. Tonight has been a bit of a bust though. I ended up being 30 minutes late to my School of Computing thing as I woke up at 8:20 and decided to rest my eyes for like 20 minutes. I woke up at 11:30 and had to be there at 12:00.

The bus took ages and before I went I stopped off at the societies fair and joined the film making society. It sounds ace, they meet every two weeks and discuss projects then put film crews together and make the movies.

Back at the School of Computing, my team won free membership to CompSoc (the computing society) who were going in to town but I left to get back to Bodington so that I could grab some food, update my websites then I headed back down to the union to try and get to fruity.

Olli was queuing for tickets but they had sold out so we spent the night with his flat mate in The Old Bar and The Terrace. They left at like midnight though and I was going to come back then but I thought “screw it, you only do freshers week once” and headed back to the union to talk to some girls I had seen earlier. Couldn’t find them so ended up just grabbing a drink and getting the 12:50 bus back.

On the bus back I saw Abby (who I met on Monday along with Ryan) and also Grace and Sofie (other Sofie) as well as Simon who was in the common room with a load of other people watching South Park. That ended at like 2 though. Also met a guy named Duncan from Mortain house.

To say it’s the final night of freshers though, everyone seemed out of it. I phoned Lauren at like 11 and she and Katie had both gone to bed already. Also I don’t know where everyone else on my floor is but Club Bacon is not open and I’m not happy. Unless they are still out, I haven’t seen them all day so I don’t know what they were doing.

I’m watching the first of three audio commentaries on Resident Evil: Apocalypse at the moment. Might finish it but I’m pretty tired now and I have to be up tommorow for the whole wedding thing. Unless the guys get back then I will hang out there.

Oh I also met a girl at the school of computing thing, didn’t get her name as she left before I finished talking to her but we had quite a chat and she is deeply into all the indie rock, etc and likes Smashing Pumpkins.


Friday, September 23rd, 2005 | Life

Interesting day. Had nothing to do all day so I spent the morning catching up on sleep and also watched Resident Evil: Apoc. Haven’t really done anything all day until the night. We headed down with the eventual plan of arriving at Halo who had an indie rock night.

We started off at The Box (I missed the bus stop because it was so crowded, that sucked) and spent pretty much all night there but it closed at 1 am so we decided to head off to Bar Rifa. It only being open till like 2 am though it wasn’t really worth it though we didn’t realise that till the girls had taken a taxi down.

So Darryl and Ben headed back while we went after them. We then got the bus up to Hyde Park and got pizzas then got the bus back to Bodington Hall and headed for Club Bacon (the new name for Wikis’s place). This takes me through to like now.

Also, apparently one of the girls on the floor below said “word on the street is Bacon’s is open till 5 every morning.” News of the place is spreading fast :P.

Tonight’s activites

Thursday, September 22nd, 2005 | Life

Ok, I’m thinking I will make it to bed earlier today, around 5 am. Most of tonight was actually spent in the house common room playing drinking games but we then got the bus into town and headed off to Gatecrasher.

We never really got anywhere though as it was full so we headed off to The Cockpit which was crap and finally got some food and came back and spent the rest of the night hanging out in Will’s room.

Freshers week update

Wednesday, September 21st, 2005 | Life

I was going to post this last night (actually early this morning) but I couldn’t get online. Now I can so I will re-count the tales so far. I spent last night with the rest of the guys from my floor, we started off in the Bod Bar then went into headingly and had a drink at The Original Oak. Then it was on to The Box but that sucked so we got a taxi down to the campus and went into Halo.

After that we headed off to the union but couldn’t get in because we didn’t have tickets. How nobody else saw that as a problem when we left Halo I will never know :P. So anyway, then we headed back to our house and continued there.

It wasn’t a bad night (intro party was better) but I didn’t get to bed till 5:50 and I had to be up at 8:30 to get breakfast and head down to uni for a talk I had (only just made that one, traffic sucks).

Meeting so many cool people though. Although last night it was mainly the people on my floor and a few others (namely Sofie, Lauren and Katie). Have a wedding to go to on Saturday, I’m looking forward to the early night :P.