xmeltrut.com changes and mRSS

Things are rumbling. Carmen Electra Planet and Hilary Duff Planet are the choosen test subjects for the updates happening to xmeltrut.com.

First off, Carmen Electra Planet has been set up as the demo site with a proper database class, full list of functions (some new ones were added) and an updated RSS feed to show the entire first paragraph (though CEP is new and was doing this already) and if there is more to the story there is a link saying [+] More at the end too so users know there is more to be read.

Also, Hilary Duff Planet, being one of the sites with video news updates has a new RSS feed for the VNUs which includes Yahoo’s Media RSS standards and it has been submitted to Yahoo video search so hopefully that will get crawled. It’s linking to the asx playlist at the moment though so I’m hoping that is ok.

As for the TrackBacks, they remain in question. I am tempted to implement this set of updates before I proceed any further, just to get everything into line.



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