Windows to Linux migration

Now that I am using 21 GB a month on my 20 GB Windows hosting account I needed a solution to cut down. The obvious, and pretty much only good solution there was, was to move some of my sites over to my Linux account. Problem is that all the bandwidth eaters still left on Windows are all coded in ASP.

I started off my moving which was a reasonably easy move as it basically had no ASP code in that did anything. So I just stripped out the top of the page tags and such and changed it to PHP include header and footer files and did some Apache mod_rewrite’ing to make the URLs backward compatible.

Lyrics Burger has been more of a challenge though considering that it is coded in ASP totally – there is loads of the stuff. So I have spent the last few hours re-coding it all in PHP. I’m moving the DNS now and hopefully it will all work when it’s done. On the plus side the testing got me to add a new albums worth of lyrics, Demon Days by Gorillaz.

I considered The Chili!Soft ASP thing but I didn’t really understand it. When you went to price and buy you could get a media kit for for $20 or some upgrade pack for $200. The media kit must be it as nothing else made sense but $20? When there is some upgrade thing for $200? Nothing was expained, the Sun website really is poor.



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