Why titles are hard to dream up

Actually, there is no real need for the word why as it’s silent in the title when said as a sentence but it seemed to have a king of deep thought edge so I thought I would stick it in. The problem with this posts, as many of the previous posts on Nerd Federation is that there isn’t really one core point to it. Therefore it’s hard to come up with a title.

But anyway, I checked the stats for the site today. We have some popularity although the most requested page is actually the admin page for us posting lol. Still, we picked up a third search engine referral, this time for the term Nerd Federation. Checking Google we are second which isn’t too bad considering that the only one above us is the post on BuffyTalk plugging the site.

Elsewhere around our wacky lives, today I have to take a long journey (well 40 mins round trip actually) so I have enough money to continue my domain expansion. I have a few that I am keeping my eyes on and as I mentioned in my previous posts am developing a new content system although the planning is not going so well at the moment.

Nevertheless things go on, and eventually terror shall be rained from the sky by us! Erm, actually you should probably ignore that.



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