Victory is mine, mu ha ha ha ha ha

Today (or rather yesterday by now) was the Atheist Society EGM in which we approved a number of constitutional changes. Nobody bothered to read the new constitution though so the change of aims to “world domination” went unnoticed even if I failed to push through a change of name to World Domination Soc.

On a serious note, we’ve made some important changes today. We’ve expanded the committee to a total of 7 people (4 of which places are actually filled lol) as well as making some other key changes, making sure we got nominated for a few Riley awards and planned out the events were are going to round off the year with.

Congratulations to Norm on his election as secretary and Sarann on her election as social sec. It’s been a long and hard race for election and all the candidates have been desperately battling it out to get the votes they need but in the end these two simply led the best campaign trail. It’s the little things like nominating yourself for election which really show through.

Since then I’ve been coding away in DEC-10 on my graphics coursework which is due in on Thursday. I’m finally getting somewhere with it though I think I am going to have to drag my ass out of bed tomorrow morning and go speak to my lecturer to get some issues I’m having with it, resolved. I have it down to a to do list though which is always a sign that you’ve reached the final stage. That said, “the final stage” in this coursework is the hard bit.



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