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Just like old times

Sunday, January 24th, 2010 | Life

The inevitable march of aging means we rarely venture out of our houses to hit the down these days. I’m often at the pub as little as three or four times a week these days and clubbing is a whole different sorry state all together.

However given I’m playing plenty to live in a very nice city centre apartment which allows me to go out, get drunk and walk home all with relative ease the very least it seemed appropriate to do was to re-start a regular schedule of Wendylicious, particuarly as I always try to be around that Saturday for Skeptics in the Pub.

I have to say I’m glad I did because it was a pretty epic night. I think I’ve discovered the best formula for Wendy, drink at home, go to The Old Bar, drink some more there, then wander into Wendy around 11:30-midnight as it’s brilliant for the first few hours but then gets a little repetitive.

As such awesome times ensued including several short appearances from Amerijohn (even if he wasn’t actually hanging out with us for the most part, traitor) and some kind of end of night drunken cooking which is always a victory when it doesn’t burn the place down. Good times.

Getting old

Thursday, September 24th, 2009 | Friends

Myself and George hit The Old Bar last night. It was a somewhat sobering experience, which was useful given I was driving, but never the less unwelcome reminder that we’re getting on a bit.

I didn’t leave my previous engagement until 9:30, which resulted in me getting to the union at 9:45, which I thought was rather late to be hitting the pub. Never the less it was dead in The Old Bar. I mean, there were a fair few people but few enough to allow everyone to get a seat and after all it’s freshers’ week – you would expect it to be rammed.

After a few drinks we headed off a little after 11 – at which point hordes of people began arriving in the bar. Granted I still had two hours of work to do when I got home so it wasn’t like I was going home to bed, but there can be little doubt it’s a sign of the inevitable aging of the class of ’08.

George Chris

First A-Soc social of 2009

Wednesday, January 7th, 2009 | Humanism, Life

Tuesday night saw the first A-Soc social of 2009 and quite a well attended one at that. Given a lot of people are not back in Leeds yet, many have exams next week and it been freezing cold outside (literally, it’s well below 0), we still managed to get probably 15 people to come down.

Our plans to meet in The Terrace had been somewhat thwarted by the union not opening The Terrace we switched things to The Old Bar (which weren’t serving food either), people kindly being directed down by union staff who asked Norm “are you looking for the long haired guy and his dad” referring to Paul 😀 .

The Old Bar was being rubbish as well though and closed the bar at 9. Interestingly Izzy turned up soon after to find us all getting our stuff together to leave. She immediately then made an exit stating that “well, Norm’s not here” – charming. The night ended with Kate trading in some shifts at Rationalist Week for a lift home which is fair enough really.

Charlie and Liz Kate and Rich Paul and Dave

George is just a number

Wednesday, September 17th, 2008 | Events, Humanism

The final A-Soc social of the summer ended on a rather good note with 17 people turning up. We were yet again screwed over by the union but never the less things proceeded well with us re-grouping in The Old Bar for a night of good fun that didn’t end until gone midnight.

Especially given Nicola and Zoltan were at a gig, Moz is in Europe, Rich is missing in action, Bo was on a date, Gijsbert has just disappeared, Brett couldn’t make it down, Rosie is in America Bevis couldn’t make it either. These are just A-Soc hardcores if you also add people like Oli, Chinese Matt and Charlie we did fantastically to say so many people weren’t there.

Roll on freshers’ week!