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The Dawkins debate

Wednesday, December 3rd, 2008 | Humanism

Atheist Society last night composed of a meeting regarding whether Richard Dawkins had been a positive or negative influence. There were some excellent speeches and obviously we concluded that he was but it was a very worthwhile debate to have none the less.

The real debate point though is why so few committee members made it to the social. Norm, Nicola, Charlie (which makes up all of the exec) along with Sophie and Liz were all missing, it’s a damn fine job we have dedicated members like Rosie to come and get things going even if she was only there for a few drinks.

Kate spent her usual evening flirting with the DJ and I spent most of the evening bragging about London to those who didn’t come. We also had a few new faces at the meeting which was great, indeed, Johnny joined up there and then. He’s clearly a man who knows where the party’s at.

Chef’s special

Wednesday, October 29th, 2008 | Life

So, apparently Nando’s do chicken brain now. It worked out quite well with me having my new camera as we could get good photos.

Our resident neuroscientist Rosie says she can’t say for sure if it was indeed a brain but it sure looks like one and having spent hours researching it she assures me it definitely isn’t a liver or kidney and Oli points out that the reason it doesn’t quite look like you would expect is that it would shrink during the cooking process.

Nando’s remained defiant it wasn’t a brain although the manager admitted it was in the end (after saying, well if you wish to believe it’s a brain to which I of course replied “yes, yes I do”) so who can say. The important thing is Kate got a voucher because that’s really what you want after finding a brain in your chicken 😀 .