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It’s cold up north

Wednesday, November 6th, 2013 | Photos

Jacksonville is in Florida, so their cheerleaders probably aren’t used to British temperatures. Indeed, they had to put coats on half way through.


Gift of gloves

Wednesday, February 8th, 2012 | Foundation


Do you have any old gloves lying around in the back of your cupboard? If so, we would really appreciate it if you would be willing to donate them to the Humanist Action Group. Here’s why…

Earlier this evening, we were out on a HAG homeless run. Discussing it beforehand, myself and Katie agreed that given how bitterly cold it was outside, we hoped we wouldn’t find anyone at all out on the streets tonight.

Unfortunately, we were wrong. Dead wrong. We found loads of people. We found so many people that we first ran out of food and had to go fetch some more, then we ran out of coffee and had to go back and brew another batch up!

By this point we had been out for hours and we were metaphorically frozen to the bone. So I can only imagine how those who had been out there all night felt.

In fact, you didn’t even need to imagine – you could see their hand physically shaking as you handed them something.

No wonder, given many of them didn’t even have gloves. This isn’t the first time we have come across this problem – I’ve seen it a few times before. Yet, it seems a problem we can easily solve.

I mean, so many of us have two many pairs of gloves. Given that one is all you really need. Maybe two at a stretch – I have my touch screen compatible gloves and my “it’s really, really cold” gloves. But why do I have a third pair? There is no reason; I just never threw them out.

There must be more than me in this situation. A pair of old but otherwise perfectly in tact pair of gloves sitting at the back of the cupboard that you don’t wear any more. If so, we would love it if you would be willing to donate them, so that we can hand them out during HAG homeless work!

So, if you get chance, please check the backs of your cupboards. It won’t cost you anything and makes a world of difference to people who are out in the bitter winter’s night. Any donations will be gladly collected by Katie, myself or any of the CWF trustees. You can even post them to us – and if you want, we’ll even refund the postage to you. Get in touch for more details.

Thanks for your support!



Tuesday, December 16th, 2008 | Life

Is it really too much to ask to not have to wake up in a mini-ice age every morning?

It’s ridiculous, it’s really not that far fetched to expect our heating to work as it’s scheduled to. Or maybe it just turns on but doesn’t bother to heat anything? Either way I’m pretty sure the situation could be made better by repeatedly smashing the little control box.

It’s not like it’s ever warm in our house at the moment, I’d forgotten how cold it really gets, I mean, surely it was this cold last year? Maybe I just don’t remember it but I can’t remember it being this cold for such a consistent period and it’s only December at the moment, we have another two months of winter to look forward to.