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51% Bourbon

Wednesday, March 13th, 2013 | Friends

With Michelle back in town, we headed down to 51% Bourbon for some drinks.

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Enemy territory

Sunday, June 28th, 2009 | Friends, Life

Having got the night off on Saturday and Kate being bored as well we decided to hit the pub along with Norm, Liz, Oli and Si. Not that any of us live near the Deer Park any more but I still really love the pub and most of us drive these days (not like back in the day) so it seemed like a good enough choice.

Afterwards we headed into town which has always seemed like enemy territory on Saturday night – full of angry drunken locals, many of which I probably know and choose not to associate with for good reasons. Still Bourbon is always a good place to be as it wasn’t overly busy but there were enough people there to keep it lively.

Nicola and Kate Nicola and Chris Nicola and Chris

End of Year Ball ’09

Thursday, June 4th, 2009 | Events, Humanism

Tuesday saw the End of Year Ball which this year saw several of the freethinking societies in and around Leeds unite. While it was mostly an A-Soc affair we got people from Skeptics, York Brights, the Humanist Society of West Yorkshire and HAG there, even if this is mostly the same crowd lol.

We kicked things off at Spice Quarter where I managed to get through a reasonably respectable five plates though I believe I was significantly trailing Zoltan who was on a mission to eat everything they owned.

The made in front of you stir fry had to be the winning dish as you literally can just pile everything on your plate and get them to stir fry it. Interesting, despite what sause I asked for it all seemed to come out of the same pot but it actually tasted like what I asked for so I’m not going to complain.

Afterwards we headed to Bourbon for their Mix Tape Project night which was really good if people did start disappearing – the last people to leave the place where myself and Paul! That’ll show those kids who can really party… :D.

In the end we had 34 people turn up which I think is quite respectable.

Spice Quarter Liz and Chris Bourbon