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Porn is soooo bad

Tuesday, November 28th, 2006 | Thoughts

Seriously, porn is so bad. I mean, it’s cool and all for the naked women but from a film maker’s perspective it’s just jokingly bad. The editing is poor: they just fade in and out at various points ruining the continuity of the story. The dialog isn’t well thought out: they seem to be making it up as they go along and there are random pauses where everyone seems to be asking “what should we do now?”.

The scenes go on too long. I did not think it possible to reach a stage when I would think, “right, I’ve heard these girls fake sex noises for long enough” but apparently it is achievable. The acting is awful. In one scene they are supposed to be smashing up a car and yet they are waving round the hammers like dusters. Their fake sex noises leave a lot to be desired as well, when they remember to make them in between looking bored.

Where did the dildo come from? They are in the middle of the field, nobody was holding anything, they were naked so it can’t have been in a pocket or something. It’s inconsistent. The camera angles are poor, you can’t see enough. They use transitions. There is no conclusion to the story.

In conclusion, porn sucks. The adult industry should be ashamed they are turning out such crap. They do, because they know that guys tend to purchase with their dicks. But that doesn’t stop us critically analysing it with our heads. As the gender that funds almost their entire industry we deserve better. Is it really hard to have naked girls and good production values in the same film?