Speed dating

While myself and Zoltan were sitting around in The Terrace last week, RAG came round selling tickets for speed dating and being tired of his moaning about being single I decided to sign him up, which of course meant I had to sign myself up as well.

After all, it’s a fantastic opportunity. 3 minutes to chat to 20 different people about A-Soc, what more could you ask for? I managed to get it into quite a few conversations and Zoltan even had a conversation about it with someone who had already talked to me so that was a nice little double team 😀 .

Less importantly (because let’s face it, it isn’t more importantly as I was going to start this paragraph with :p ) Zoltan seemed to have fun so everything worked out for the best. It was actually quite a lot of fun, you don’t really have time to get bored of someone or run out of things to say because you’re only there for a few minutes and you’re bound to find a few people you really have a good conversation with unless you’re an especially boring person. Plus it’s another thing to tick off my things to do before you die list.



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