NFL wild-card weekend


I want to start this post by complaining about the decencies of Sky Sports. They buy the coverage and black it out on GamePass, so I have to get Now TV. However, Sky has no catch-up facility, so when I miss it on Saturday it is blacked out on Sunday, so despite paying for both GamePass and Sky Sports I can’t watch the game! Sky are way behind BBC on this who have almost all their shows on iPlayer almost immediately.


Kansas City Chiefs at Houston Texans

If these teams play like they did last weekend, neither of them going anywhere. The Texans played an awful game and turned it over four times. That in itself is enough to write them off as a Super Bowl team. However, the fact that the Chiefs managed to convert all of that into only two field goals spells bad things for them too. If you turned the ball over to Tom Brady four times, would you expect to be six points down?

The Chiefs got it together in the second half though and their defence remained strong throughout. If they can play consistently like that, they will have more of a chance.

Pittsburgh Steelers at Cincinnati Bengals

This looked more like two heavy weight play off teams slugging it out. Again, it tooks the Bengals most of the game to get going though. Maybe this wouldn’t have been the case if they had made it to the division round and got Dalton back, but we’ll never know. It’s their own fault. How well with the Steelers do if Ben Roethlisberger is injured though?

Seattle Seahawks at Minnesota Vikings

It felt like a reasonable performance from each team. Two good defences slugging it out against each other. It’s hard to write the Seahawks off given the good form they are in. Déjà vu anyone?

Green Bay Packers at Washington Redskins

The first quarter was not looking good for the Packers. Aaron Rodgers could not get anything going on offence. Their defence put in an excellent performance though and kept them in the game. Rogers got it going in the second quarter suggesting at the high wind may have had a really effect when you are paying into it.


Patriots beating the Chiefs is the easiest to call. I am not sure I fancy the the road teams in any of them though. Panthers have had such a good season. Packers over the Cardinals maybe? Depends how quickly Aaron Rodgers can get it going. I suspect not fast enough, but if any road time is going to win, it will be the Packers, second to the Steelers over the Broncos.



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