I love Bluetooth

The reason I never really use my camera is because it’s messy – first I would have to dig out my USB cable, plug it into the back of my laptop, plug it into my camera, I know it doesn’t sound like much but it is when you don’t know where you’re USB cable is, both USB ports on my laptop are already being used and even if they weren’t you would have to get round the back of what is already a jungle of cables.

It’s the same with the phone on my camera, I would need to find my Bluetooth adapter and plug that in and then configure it all. My phone isn’t doing me much good anyway as I can’t be bothered to carry around my actual camera because I have one on my phone even if it’s nowhere near as good.

However recently I found my Bluetooth adapter will just plug straight in and work so I have finally re-claimed my picture taking. I have a load uploading (it’s still a bit of a hassle uploading them as I have to confirm each one but it’s so much better. I can just browse through the pictures of my phone using the thumbnails and select which ones I want to be transfered to my laptop. No wires, it’s brilliant.

So yeah, expect a lot of upcoming posts with pictures in them. I think I may have to create a third category! Although I’m not sure, it’s a major discussion to add a new category to my blog. I only really added the video one because I was initially going to make the video totally seperate. This is something I am going to have to meditate on a little while I think.

I am also toying with the idea of upgrading to WordPress 2.0. I’m almost settled on it in fact. I really like WordPress 1.5 as it’s simple – the categories are just on the left rather than being on a menu you need to open in 2 but that said, it only closes when you haven’t been to the blog for so long it automatically logs you out (I think it’s like a week) and the chances of that happening with this blog are rather slim I think :p.



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