Fun at The Tunnel Club

Today was an interesting day. Didn’t have to be in until 1 so I got a my work done this morning and finally handed my maths coursework in too! Had lectures until 4 at which point we went to DEC-10 to do our SE12 interim report which is due in at 9 am today (as in Wednesday, we got it in on time).

Have to show what we have done in the lab sessions on Thursday so I think tomorrow, in between finishing off my DB11 coursework that has to be in by Thursday, myself and Michelle will be getting some more Python coded.

Anyway so yeah, after that I got back to Bod to dump my stuff, get dinner and headed out with Chris from my course to go to Sarann’s for pancakes (yesterday was pancake day after all). Good pancakes too, Liz cooked them and Michelle ate like half a dozen as she has no food left or money to buy more :p. Seriously, she has £2 left, that’s it. But her parents are wiring her more money.

Then myself and Chris headed down to the union and met Oli for Tunnel Club which despite sounding really good I hadn’t actually been to you. The Ivories were playing which obviously none of us had heard of but never the less they rocked. They were an indie chick band but their sound is punk which is awesome. I may have to make Tunnel Club more of a regular thing.

They don’t actually have an album out yet but it’s one to watch out for if you’re into the whole retro angst punk as they were described.



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