Firefox 3

Having finally got round to upgrading to Firefox 3 I have to say that I am impressed. It’s quite an improvement on Firefox 2 despite what quick makeover may suggest.

My biggest problem with Firefox 2 was that it eats memory like Claire eats men. Firefox 3 however seems far more conservative and doesn’t continue to plough through all your system resources until everything is gone. I leave my desktop open 24/7 with my browser open and Firefox 2 would just clunk up, it would take ages just to do things like open a new tab after a while and I would have to restart it. Firefox 3 is much faster, new tabs open immediately.

The second big improvement is that the download manager can now resume interrupted downloads so no longer will you get half way through a download only to find it dropped out for a second and you now have to restart the whole thing.

I haven’t really had a good look around the other new features and changes but they seem to have really hit the nail on the head with fixing Firefox’s shortcomings.



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