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Something strange is going on. My laptop thought it was May. This might be something to do with the time syncronisation as the same thing happened with my desktop. Strange.

Anyway, I last blogged on Thursday morning. Afterwards I went home and slept before getting up ready for my next all-nighter on SE24. In between getting up and coding I went down to a nice French restaurant in town which I haven’t a hope of spelling for dinner. I wore a shirt and everything, how fancy is that? It was well expensive although the food was fairly nice (not amazing though).

I then spent the night in Eniac and we finally got it finished about 8:30 or something and then headed off to lectures. I finally got to bed just after 3. That evening I crawled out of bed at about 10:30, went to the pub for a few hours and then crawled back into bed and slept some more. It was a facinating insight into what B’s life must be like :D. It’s a really good system to be honest, I might have to try it on a more regular basis.



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