Configuring my ASUS AX6100 router for Vodafone SIRO

If you sign up to Vodafone home broadband you get their Gigabox router. My one-day experience with it was that it was pretty bad. I kept setting up my wifi network. But then I would reload the configuration page and all of the settings would be gone. The wifi network would still work, but I couldn’t change anything without entering all of the settings again. Then other times, it would be there. It also wasn’t handling out DHCP leases to anything I had wired in. So, I set about trying to configure my ASUS router.

This was both very straight forward and took ages because unless you know the magic combination, it won’t work. The main thing is to configure the internet connection as PPPoE and use the serial number as the first part of the username.

But you also need to set a VLAN of 10. Some forums suggested that the AX6100 does not have this option but that is not correct. It’s just entirely unobvious. If you go into advanced settings > LAN > IPTV you can use the LAN report dialogue to set manual settings and enter a VID there.

As soon as I did this, my internet connected. Hurray! I was many hours into fiddling around with both routers by this point so hopefully this post will shave some time off somebody else’s search.



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