Conclusion of my second term at uni

As I’ve mentioned in a few previous posts, I’ve been meaning to write about two subjects, one of which is this, a conclusion of my second term at uni for a while now. Well, I’m finally getting round to it. Before I start, I just want to mention, I’m currently listening to The Used’s self-titled album. It’s really good. It’s fairly hard rock and screamy but then I’m quite into that :D.

Anyway, this second term has been quite a different experience from my first. As well you can expect I guess. The first term you don’t really know what to expect, everything is new and you are trying to find your feet. By the second term you are more settled in.

I think that’s true to an extent. A lot of more experienced people that gave us intro talks and we chatted to in freshers week say the first term is a bit weird and you miss home and can’t wait to get back there but then once you get back at Christmas you realise you actually really like it at uni and don’t get homesick after that. I never really had that. I was homesick in freshers week but since then I haven’t felt that way. I didn’t want to go home at Christmas, I was already settled in.

Though perhaps most people have felt this way and it’s because they have changed over Christmas and come back with a new attitude for the second term that I feel different this term. Not that I am saying I haven’t changed, I think my attitude has changed this term, particularly as it went on. It seems to be that in the first term I hung out with my house a lot just because they were my house, I knew them most and I like them. But it seems this term I am more content to hang out with friends off my course, as I click more with them more. Not that I didn’t do this before but I feel I have become more detached from my house this term as I build my own social circle. That’s probably the wrong term, I love them all but like when everyone is going out to The Courtyard, I probably wouldn’t go now whereas I would of in the first term. It was fun but these days I would rather go to The Cockpit with whoever wants to go over taking part in the mainstream events.

Maybe it’s just the natural progression of becoming better friends with certain people although maybe I just haven’t explored my house enough. I mean, it’s not like it’s devoid of people who do like going to Cockpit and Wendy House but it’s only really at the end of the term that I made the decision to pro-actively try and organise outings between those of us who are looking for non-mainstream events within Grant.

Maybe I just threw myself into socialising in the first term and now I’ve found my friends niche it’s less important to me. For the first term I would always have my door open, recently I’ve found I haven’t. I don’t really know why that is, but I’ve noticed it none the less.

I’d hate to think I was drifting away from my house. But then I don’t think I’ve formed as tighter friendship groups as most people in Grant have. I don’t want to blame this all on Jack but my Valentine’s Day rejection did a lot of emotional damage to me ;). We could have had something great Jack!

Still, I don’t think I’m bad off. It’s not like I don’t hang out with my house, we hang out a lot. While I don’t have an intimate knowledge of the goings-on in other houses and residences, it seems that Grant is definitely one of the more social houses. A lot of places seem to have very divided groups. Of course Grant has strong social circles too but pretty much anybody would hang out with anyone else from Grant which is why I love it.

Hmm, I’ll probably come back and re-write some of this later (actually I just did, this has been sitting on my desktop for a few hours) once I’ve meditated a little more on the subject. It’s been a great term. Plan for next term: get as much partying in as possible due to the limited time span. Also I think we need a Grant House MarioKart tournament. Or is it only me and Rob still playing that? :p.



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