All hail the new car

So today has been a long and reasonably interesting day. We drove up to a place never Sunderland this morning stroke afternoon to pick up the new car then I had to drive the old one back. It was cool though. I passed people, they should be ashamed of their speed ;).

So anyway once we got it home and sitting in the drive I decided to take a few photos with the old digital camera (it’s only figuratly old as I don’t have a new one as such, it’s just a phrase but anyway on with the story).
Nissan X-Trail, took us a while to get (13 weeks to be exact) as it’s an import. They are all thumbnailed, I think they go bigger.

Sorry, these images are no longer available.

Also for old time sake I took a picture of the old car (well old old now as currently we have three but we are getting rid of this one).

Sorry, this image is no longer available.



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