30 Days of Action: Day 23

Today I created captions for the last three lectures of Get More Restaurant Customers, so the entire course is now done.

I took the two demo meditations from Mindfulness for Social Anxiety, added video introductions and uploaded them to YouTube. I’ve scheduled them to publish tomorrow and Saturday.

I fixed the problem with the eBook version of Skeptic’s Guide to Pregnancy and submitted that to Kindle. I’ve also done the iBooks version and submitted that, and created the print edition, too.

I’ve put together a to-do list for making Running For Anxiety publicly available. Finally, I’ve brainstormed ideas for expanding the mindfulness course range.

My video work has come back from Fiverr, so hopefully, I can sign that off today and start working on the editing tomorrow.

Book sales

Another notable event to mention: I seem to have gone viral. nixCraft posted about my book, How To Exit VIM, and it has had almost a hundred shares. Hashtag fifteen shares of fame. I’ve had a look on KDP and it has translated into increased book sales.


The other big thing to report for today is that I attended a business networking event. They said that if you want to achieve something you need to add knowledge or add people to your life. I’ve been adding the knowledge, so this is my adding people.

As it turns out, when I went searching for one, I found that my Toastmasters friend Andrew Hodge was running one. I’ll blog more about it when I get time, but it was a really worthwhile evening and I look forward to attending again.



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