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Post birthday treats

Thursday, October 29th, 2009 | Friends, Life

On Thursday Oli paid me a visit with a number of suprises including a Lil and a late birthday present in the form of a box of wine 😀 . As my blog readerable is mainly sophisticated well educated individuals similar to myself it would almost seem patronising to remind you that such a produce is the finest type of wine as it can breathe when in a box rather than being stuffed up in a bottle.

This was followed by pizza which included extra for myself and Oli and Lil is trying to lose some weight plus the fun of watching a woman take out a bike just outside our house. The guy seemed alright which makes it ok to laugh about. Oli had to rush off in a hurry to catch a train shortly after which resulted in me not getting chance to grab a photo so I present instead one of the classic Chris and Oli pictures. Enjoy.

Lil Wine Oli and Chris

Tough questions

Thursday, October 29th, 2009 | Religion & Politics

On Wednesday I headed down to give Kat some company at Alpha at South Parade Baptist Church. The theme of the night was tough questions and so our group discussions looked at a number of questions, namely why does god allow suffering, what about other religions and are science and religion incompatible.

The general answers where because Jesus took our sins, because Christianity has Jesus who was unique and no because Jesus said so 😀 . Actually those weren’t quite the answers but that was the general theme. I found this session much more engaging to be honest and enjoyed it far more though I did find some real cliched points.

I had to hold myself back at least twice, first when people commented that what really sets Christianity apart was that it had Jesus and his story was unique. Of course his story isn’t unique, it fits brilliantly into the hero pattern and is very, very derivative of previous gods. Secondly the girl opposite me, Charlotte, was no doubt a very nice girl and very friendly – but did bring up the “bad, mad or god” argument and I had to bite my tongue from saying “I dealt with this last time I was here, it doesn’t hold any water.”

All in all though I found the discussions much more engaging than the previous visit so thumbs up.

The truth is out there

Thursday, October 29th, 2009 | Friends, Humanism

On Tuesday Rich delivered an updated version of his talk to A-Soc (not that he bothered to update the title slide lol). This was a rather good lead in to the night’s social at Vodka Revolution in which several people managed to work their way through several sticks of shots (a stick being a variety pack of 6 shots)! A messy, messy evening.

Rich Stick of shots Nicola and her sister Kerry


Thursday, October 29th, 2009 | Life, Reviews

When I went to bed on Sunday night I wondered if I would feel any different turning 23.

Turns out I would feel much worse as I woke up the next morning with my cold having returned with avengence. Still I eventually dragged myself out of bed and got as far as sitting on top of my bed for another few hours until I felt good enough to move.

Luckily Michelle was here to cheer me up so we headed into down to grab some lunch ending up at Brio in The Light which did a rather nice Italian roast chicken dish.

This left me with an afternoon of taking it easy on my birthday and as such I headed home for a business meeting. Well, sort of anyway, myself and Norm had a teleconference with the BHA so we could consult on Humanist Week 2010 – exciting times and all that.

Finally in the evening we headed down to River Plate on The Calls which served some absolutely amazing steaks including my delicious fillet and George’s huge 700g cow. I would highly recommend it if you are looking for a great restaurant though obviously it’s Calls prices. We managed to balance the night out by ending at ‘Spoons though so all was good.

Steak Chris Chris

Liquid lunch

Sunday, October 25th, 2009 | Friends, Life

Oh how the tables have turned. Today was a somewhat strange Sunday lunch in which George ate and I didn’t. Due to a combination of not feeling too great and wanting to keep my spending under control I didn’t bother actually ordering any, though I did manage to stretch to a beverage of course. Turns out, that’s all you really need. Although I kind of new I didn’t need an entire mixed grill every other day anyway ;).

Bus vs. taxi

Sunday, October 25th, 2009 | Photos

Bus vs taxi

Someone opened a taxi door as a bus was going past on Call Lane last night.

Friday night live

Saturday, October 24th, 2009 | Life

On Friday the long awaited launch at work occurred as we took our first live bet from Belgium, albeit a test one. From here on in we’re trading so if you happen to find yourself in Belgium, near a newsagents and get a sudden craving to place a sports bet, you’re in luck. You can also see our website.

In celebration, we opened the first (presumably annual) Buzz keepie uppie tournament which Jason was victorious over with 17 and after some champagne and generous gifts from Rob we headed over to The Original Oak to celebrate.

Bill Chris Vince

Question Time

Saturday, October 24th, 2009 | Events, Friends, Life, Religion & Politics

On Thursday evening I headed round to Rich’s along with George and Jonni for a Question Time pizza party. Between us we got through about five pizzas, as well as several bottles of win and half of Rich’s carton 😀 . This was of course to watch British National Party leader Nick Griffin appear on the programme.

It was at least an entertaining show if nothing else though was mostly just BNP bashing. Not that we should have expected any less of course but I’m not sure it was the most productive thing to do. As Bill points out, it was half way though the show before someone managed to fit an intelligent comment in – that perhaps the failure of the major parties had led to a rise in BNP support.

In the end though it was essentially a witch hunt which didn’t produce the desired result. If a better course of action as Rich pointed out would have been to ask the panel what their policies on health, education and the economy were so they could be compared side by side.

This would have likely done far more damage than the constant barrage of insults that were thrown at Nick and his party which no doubt made us Guardian readers feel good but actually won him a lot of sympathy and support in other social groups. Will the appearance be a good or bad thing for the BNP? I guess we’ll find out soon.

The Atlas of Creation

Saturday, October 24th, 2009 | Humanism

I headed over to York on Wednesday night for the monthly York Brights meetup. I ended up having a really enjoyable night (not that you should expect anything less) despite still being ill with a cold, made especially interesting by the fact that I got to have a good read over the legendary Atlas of Creation, a book published by a Turkish Muslim Adnan Oktar who explained that evolution is all lies.

His wacky viewpoint is actually one of “Old Earth” creationism in that he believes that the Earth has been here for millions of years, it’s just that species have never changed. What a gangster.

Debating the Theists

Saturday, October 24th, 2009 | Events, Humanism, Thoughts

I delivered an updated version of my talk Debating the Theists to Atheist Society on Tuesday. It went rather well despite forgetting to plug my laptop in and having it try to hybernate half way through the talk but the audience seemed to enjoy it and the feedback I got was fairly positive. Maybe could have done with a bit more substance but it’s always a tricky balance.

Interestly, the BHA picked up on it and put it in their weekly e-bulletin which was great and made more amusing by the fact that with no background information, many BHA members around the country may be wondering why exactly I am a reverend and whether I’m religious 😀 .

Chris reviews Christian Mingle Chris explains it all Debating the Theists